most powerful amplifier The Art and Science of Meditation

by:Winbridge      2019-11-29
Meditation has been practiced in various forms around the world for thousands of years.From the jungle of Borneo to the Ganges River, from the tundra of Tibet to the back woods of Siberia, whether it is Shamans, Sadr and seekers, they are looking for God, find themselves, find life.Archaeological remains of the Mohenjo siteDaro, west of Punjab, India, depicts the ancient yoga god Shiva as a man sitting on a crossIn the state of transcendental bliss, the legs meditate on his "third eye.The Buddha sat under the tree,Jesus sat in the desert, Muhammad sat in the cave.All great prophets, guru, and Saints use some form of meditation to communicate with God and realize their true self.In the Yoga Sutra, patanghali defines yoga as stopping thinking or without a mental change.When the mind calms down, the inner clarity develops and the true nature of the self becomes apparent.This is the essence of yoga;Yoga is the art and science of self-realization.Initially, an aspiring yogi or Yogi will be taught a variety of yoga asanas or postures to prepare for meditation.In order to keep the mind quiet, the goal is to keep the body quiet.In India, Rishis developed various meditation exercises based on the level and temperament of the students.Some forms of meditation are meditation in which the student reflects on a poem, such as the Bible, the Quran, the Yoga Sutra, or the book, from the illuminated textGita;Others, however, are very active, including some conscious movements, such as being so quiet in the heart when Tanjong makes love, tai chi, or practicing yoga poses that students enter meditation with their poses.A common form of meditation first involves the original sound called a spell.Most spiritual disciplines recognize the power of the changing mind of the vibration of sound: the Sanskrit of yogis, ancient Hebrew and Arabic is thought to generate energy when speaking or thinking.The most familiar spell "Om" is usually pronounced "Aum", moving the vitality energy up the spine to the top of the head.The navel area can feel the sound of "Ahhh", the heart and throat center carry the sound of "Ohhh" and "Uuuu", and when the bee is buzzing in the head, it will feel the vibration of "Mmmm.Repeating this voice can relax our thoughts and shift our consciousness to the inside.Maharishi Mahesh Yogi repeat's popular transcendental meditation or "TM" repeats a sacred voice mantra of the Vedic scriptures to help those with lofty ideals enter the heart and find peace of mind;While members of the Harry Krishna Movement (ISCON) repeat a series of divine trance-induced sounds, praising God and creating a state of pleasure, this is called Japan.A more common form of meditation is focusing on the various energy centers of the body, called the Chakra;The medalists focus on areas such as the center of the navel (Manny), The Heart Center (Anahata), or the Third Eye (Ajna.The energy directed to these centers by concentration activates the energy of these points and changes the state of consciousness of the medalists.For example, when a person focuses on the third eye point between the eyebrows, this activates the brain waves and the pineal gland, which helps to regulate the frequency of the brain waves, just like the natural biological feedback response.When students are associated with their vitality energy (kundalini shakti), their brainwave frequency is from Beta (14-40 cycles per second) to Alpha (7-13 cycles per second), eventually still reduced to Theta (4-6 cps) and Delta (0-3 cps).When in these ultra-quiet states, the inner clear development, consciousness is liberated from the limitations of the mind and the senses, and integrated into the whole ...... Samadhi.When initiated by a master of spirit or "Shakti" who can guide vitality, these exercises are more powerful and make it easier for students to integrate or connect.One of the most powerful forms of meditation is direct inquiry or self-thinking.reflection.As yogis reflect on the motivation that leads them to meditate, they establish a direct connection with their self: "What you are seeking is making you seek.Ask yourself, "who am I ?""Going into the part you want to know is practicing a form of yoga called Jnana.Simply observing the things that observe the mind can free it from the head.Just as a person looks at their reflections in the mirror and knows what they look like, a person can only realize this by reflecting on his own nature.The heart is at the heart of meditation.By Grace, our own true nature is revealed, and God is revealed through love.When Meditation yogis open their hearts to acceptance, and when they give up the "doer", their own true nature becomes clear.Through the dedication in your practice, the dedication expressed to your creator makes it easy and enjoyable to practice meditation.Most people try to stop their thoughts, it's like a cat chasing its tail.When yogis allow their mind or vitality to meditate, the practice of meditation becomes profound.It turns out that using a guru or teacher can effectively help students find the truth within thousands of years;it works.Most Westerners are skeptical of those who claim to be masters, and there is good reason for this divine trust to be abused by some in the past, but nevertheless, it is time testedThe teacher will show up when the student is ready, but a reliable tutor is someone who gives you the ability to find a real tutor or Sat tutor in yourself.In the end, what creates you and maintains your existence is guiding you to awaken your consciousness and move towards full fulfillment;That's why you read this now.Steven S. from the heart
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