most powerful amplifier The Health Benefits Of Sex

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By Al Link and Pala Copeland-The relationship between freedom and weight.Reduce stress.Lower your cholesterol levelsImprove your blood circulation.Live longer.Stay younger.Sounds like an ad for a new magic drug, right?In fact, this is part of the benefits of the oldest and most enjoyable entertainment of mankind --sex.Most of us know this feeling.Sex has good benefits when we engage in sexual activity, but you also know that after the body on the back of sweat stream bodies is dry and sweet words return to the state of motion, will sex be good
There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat.For every 3500 calories you burn (you won't replace it with food )!You lose a pound of fat.Sexual intercourse burns about 150 calories every half hour.Here's how it compares to other activities that may be part of your fitness program: Yoga 114 calories per half hour, dancingRock 129, walk-153 miles/hour, 153 in weight training, kayaking-2 miles/hour 153 and volleyball 174.According to a survey reported by citizens of Ottawa, the average number of sex lives of Canadians is 7 times.33 times a month for approximately 24 duration.4 minutes.This means that "Joe Canada" consumes more than 10,000 calories a year in less active sex, about 3 pounds calories.Those who are sexually active, such as Tantra, who has sex for 4 hours, burn 600 calories each time.Once a week, 31,200 calories or 9 pounds calories per year.Take into account that people gradually increase their weight, gradually increase 5-10 pounds a year until they are overweight, it is not impractical to assume that regular sex is a way to help maintain a healthy weight.
Sex helps to increase blood flow in the brain and all other organs of the body.Increased heart rate and deep breathing are the reasons for improved blood circulation.When fresh blood is supplied, your cells, organs and muscles are saturated with fresh oxygen and hormones, and when used blood is removed, you also remove the ones that cause fatigue and even disease.
Lowering cholesterol is another benefit of "sex as exercise.Sex helps lower total cholesterol levels.Perhaps more importantly, it pushes the balance of high-density and low-density (good/bad) cholesterol to a healthier level of high-density.
People who often have sex often report that they can handle stress better, so normal life stress does not become painful.Often accompanied by deep relaxation of sex, female orgasm, ejaculation and/or male orgasm, it may be one of the few times that people really allow themselves to let go completely, surrender, and relax.Many people say they sleep deeper and more peacefully after satisfying sex.In a relaxed glow, you may let go of the distracting thoughts.Being able to stop thinking helps many people overcome insomnia.
Through the Touch Magic of sex, the hormone of your body's endocrine-oxytocin-in turn leads to the release of endorph.Because of the role of these natural opium drugs, as a powerful pain killer, raise the pain threshold and help relieve pain in diseases such as arthritis, whi whip and headache.Now there is a new way, sex is a way to treat headaches, not an excuse to abstain!With the awakening and climax, the level of hormone production increased.They were 3 to 5 times higher than usual before the climax.In fact, it was oxytocin that triggered the climax.Measurements at the Masters and Johnson laboratories show that uterine contractions caused by orgasm (triggered by oxytocin) are as powerful as child labor.Women can use this abnormal orgasm contraction and uterine muscle relaxation to relieve cramps during PMS and menstruation.
A British study of 1,000 men found that the death rate of men who had at least two orgasms per week was half of those who indulged once a month.The hormone DHEA promotes sexual excitement and responds to it.Dr. Theresa kroenshaw, author of The Alchemy of love and color, said that DHEA may be the most powerful chemical in our personal world.It helps balance the immune system, improve cognition, promote bone growth, maintain and repair tissues, and keep the skin healthy and soft.It may also contribute to cardiovascular health and may even play an anti-depression role.
Some doctors believe that more than 75% of men over the age of 50 have a somewhat enlarged prostate. if they live long enough, almost all men will have an enlarged prostate.This condition, called benign prostate hyperplasia, is normal and is usually not at risk.Unfortunately, some of them suffer from prostate cancer, which is one of the main causes of death in the elderly.Regular sexual intercourse with frequent ejaculation helps keep the prostate healthy.For those men who practice delaying ejaculation, for example in the practice of Tantra Divine Sex, performing the Kegel exercise (which you contract the muscles around the genitals) enhances these muscles, just like exercising muscles in other parts of the body.More importantly, these exercises will help keep the prostate healthy by transferring sexual energy from the prostate and circulating throughout the body.This technique is very simple and you can perform hundreds of contractions per day to provide top sex/physical health for both men and women.Imagine you're urinating, but want to stop the flow of urine, that's all it has.Contracting your muscles in this way is one of the healthiest workouts you can add to your workout system.When 178 Belgian men with minor erection problems attended 4-The monthly daily rehabilitation program, which is mainly concentrated on Kegel exercise, showed improvement at 74% and cure at 43%.For women, keels strengthens the entire urinary and reproductive system, greatly helping with childbirth and preventing incontinence in later life.
Regular sexual activity improves testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women.In addition to enhancing sexual desire, testosterone also enhances bones and muscles.Some doctors believe that testosterone can keep the heart healthy and cholesterol high.Testosterone makes sexual impulses more aggressive for men and women.It makes you want to have sex, pursue sex, start sex, and maybe dominate sex.Testosterone appears to prompt a strong desire for specific genital sex between men and women and release it through orgasm.Because men have too much testosterone, they seem to be fascinated by genitals, sexual intercourse, and ejaculation, but don't seem to care much about romance and foreplay --Touch, hug, stare at the eyes, etc.Sex increases the level of estrogen in women, making the vaginal tissue softer, while also preventing heart disease.It is estrogen that makes women feel and respond to men's methods sexually.What makes her want to be moved and romantic is estrogen, and what makes her want to be penetrated is testosterone.Estrogen makes women softBreast development due to estrogen.Estrogen has a great influence on the smell of women.This affects her degree of projection of tenderness, openness and interest in sexual contact.The male body also produces estrogen.In fact, testosterone in men can be converted into estrogen.Some estrogen can help men develop a softer, more feminine side of their personality.As men grow older, the balance of testosterone/estrogen begins to change, testosterone decreases and estrogen increases, which is one of the reasons why so many men seem to mature as they age
Sex is good for you, but it's better to have sex with love.According to the doctorDean Onnes, author of love and survival: the scientific foundation of the power of intimate healing, "an open heart can lead to the fastest joy and ecstatic sex ".His research into intimacy and its health effects shows that "anything that promotes love and intimacy is cured ".If you have someone who really cares about you, in return, the person you care about, is closely related to you in all respects --Emotions, body and more-Then, you may be three to five times lower than the risk of premature death and disease caused by any cause.This part is related to the positive impact of touch, which is Dr.Crenshaw refers to Vitamin T.The chemical composition of the body is changed by touch.Stroking, hugging, stroking, and hugging will send a chain reaction of chemicals that will signal to your brain, which is pleasant, cultivated, and good.There is strong scientific evidence of the importance of touch to health.In the 1930 s, Dr.Rene Spitz, the attending physician for many nurseries, notes that some nurseries have much higher disease and mortality rates.His observations and experiments found that sick and dead children had nothing to do with hygiene or nutrition, but rather with the number of infant contacts received from the attending physician.He confirmed his findings by hiring "grandmothers" to enter the nursery to hold, fondle and hug the child.Disease and mortality declined rapidly.Researchers at the Miami touch Institute (TRI) found that premature infants who received three massages per day within 10 days increased their weight by 47% compared to those who did not.David Sebringsil writes regularly for the Association of Human Sexuality (one of the best online sources for Excellence)Positive information), it is recommended that porn massage be a part or alternative to regular sex.This is one of the best ways to help someone reach a state of stretching, multiple, or "full body" orgasm.Learn to give and receive the touch of love and extraordinary joy through erotic massage partners.It makes you healthier and happier.Healthy blood, healthy bones, healthy heart, healthy body, peace of mind-This is all due to the healing power of sex.Next time you're in the mood, let her know there's a doctor around you!
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