most powerful amplifier The Second Harmonic convergence

by:Winbridge      2019-12-03

The conversation kept calling and asking, "what's going on in the world?I would like to comment on this new fire door opened in heaven.On June 18-19,2007, we have experienced another portal that is very similar to the harmonic convergence in August 16 --17, 1987.I haven't seen mention it anywhere, maybe it doesn't quite fit the astrological standard.However, since it happened, the number of floods, earthquakes and disasters on Earth has increased.This is not to say that the opening of this portal is to bring destruction, but to bring an awakening call to the entire Earth.We can't sleep anymore.We must pay attention to our own inner mechanism, which is connected with god/goddess/All that is true and divine.In 1987, a triad of a planet appears in the fire sign, called harmonic convergence.The Triad includes Jupiter in Aries, Mercury, Venus, the sun and Mars in Leo, Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius.On June of 2007, another fire broke out very close to 1987 kilometers.Mars is in Aries.Venus, moon and Saturn are in Leo, Jupiter and Pluto are in Sagittarius.On 1987, Jupiter was in Aries, summoning the world to begin to awaken to a higher self and have a new perspective on each person's energy/spiritual movement in the future.On 2007, Mars, the main star of Aries, was in its own constellation, closely linked to Jupiter's position in the 1987 th house.Summoning spiritual warriors to stop fighting fantasy and begin to see reality beyond what we have long called reality.There are some stories about the battle of heaven between light and darkness.The Master St.It's not a battle we understand war, but the power of heaven is led by Lord Michael, who holds the connotation of the most powerful love, Germain said, because the power of the self tries to pull love down from the center.In many ways, it's like Harry Potter and Lord waldermott locked an energy battle with their wand.The ideal result is that light and darkness merge into a loving holiness.The sun is in Leo and the moon is in Gemini on 1987.The moon is in Leo and the sun is in Gemini on 2007.This time the focus is on the goddess that appears through the Lion's Gate of Leo, who stands in the old order of Saturn's union as if she could touch Saturn's shoulder, so that, her love and gentle power can be felt in the deepest part of the soul.Mercury, Venus, the sun and Mars are closely linked in Leo on 1987.On 2007, Venus was slightly separated from the moon/Saturn, as if the gift of love was waiting to be presented to the Earth because she was willing to see and understand it.Saturn and Uranus move in Sagittarius at 1987.Both planets are changing our view of the world and our country and calling for a higher awareness of the world.Saturn represents the Earth and the Earth, and Uranus represents the nature of our future selves.With the second harmonic convergence, Jupiter, who is in charge of Sagittarius, is within a range of Saturn's position on 1987.This raises the understanding of thought and soul in this era.We can't say that the limit we go through is everything.According to the nature of the planets, we are asked to have a new perspective on our lives.Pluto, in 2007, is in harmony, although to a greater extent, Uranus is in position in the 1987 chart.Just as it is about to enter Capricorn (the old order), Pluto (the revelation) has lost its place in the literary world.It seems to be believed that if Pluto is demoted, its power to influence our affairs will diminish.Pluto has the most powerful influence on the Earth itself, because it controls the magma of the Earth.Pluto can trigger earthquakes and tides that are breaking our long-standing limits on the emotional/spiritual level.Uranus is always destructive in nature and produces lightning-like changes.The 2007-kilometer fire passage expanded the Gateway Open in 1987.According to St.Germain, the portal to higher consciousness is now fully open and will not be closed again.The Earth is filled with new energies, new ideas, new hopes, because the last remnants of the old order are being broken.The mask of illusion, or the false appearance, is everywhere --Government, industry, banking, stock market, religion, medicine, educationNo matter where we go, things are changing.Many people are afraid of change, but change is always the beginning of something better.Harmonic Convergence in 2007.Two warriors-Mars and Pluto—were involved.A spiritual warrior is not a warrior, nor a warrior, but a person who is so clearly focused on the best interests for all the people involved that it is impossible to destroy to get the complete ideaUnconditional love will never commit suicide, punish yourself or abandon yourself.The last great conflict, the end of the world, is to make us understand that if we continue to fight for peace, we must always fight for peace, peace will never be enjoyed in fear and war.
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