most powerful amplifier The Shifting Sands of the Self

by:Winbridge      2019-11-30

Once upon a time, things were certain and certain...Oh wait, this is a story I'm writing.Ah ...the story!We were really attracted to it.The truth is that my life has always been a cycle of change, chaos and high energy.There is always a loud call for something bigger, deeper and more.For a while, I managed to conquer it with all sorts of feelings --Whether it's relationship, sex, drugs, alcohol, work or the need to be a superpower, it doesn't you understand what I mean?I kept BUSY.However, the more I have, the more empty I feel.I seem to have missed an important component.Some things are broken and it doesn't work no matter how many of the things I'm trying to fill in the blanks.But life is delicious if it's crazy adventures at times, especially when you're looking for the "way.The more I try to find myself through things and people, the more I escape.I have been trying to fix, heal, and get better.Let\'s see ...How many things have I triedMake money, chase success, have your own business, look for religion, heal the injured me, embrace the metaphysical me, explore healing schools and systems, and explore various spiritual schools.This is not a definite list now.In India there are countless workshops, workshops, retreats, walls of books, tapes and cards, and one summer with a Zen master.The journey follows a landscape characterized by lack --There are things that make it better somewhere outside.After countless years of chasing, I found that "why do I like this and how do I change it" is no different.Why not be the most powerful question I can ask myself.The past -the story -Like a multi-dimensional maze of cobwebs and sandstorms.If I could see the road ahead, I would be fine.But this road is not in front of me, it is in my heart, slowly, I let myself swim with the waves of change.As I find my form in the quicksand of my self, I wander and steadily begin to glimpse my essence.There it was -My part is the line running through, the rhythm of life beating and and now.Imagine, when I was getting, very Dorothy-Just as I realized I had the answer in my heart all the time.I rely heavily on the eyes of the world I choose to see.If I look through my injured glasses, I can definitely find evidence anywhere.When I look through the eyes of my heart, the world is a wonderful journey.There are unlimited opportunities to expand, explore and enjoy my charm and dance happily with life.You are pursuing true power.You can't give up this mission.Your only choice is whether you want to pursue consciously or unconsciously.Who am I now?I was the one I chose to see.I feel the way I choose.I was the one I chose.It's so simple, isn't it?So simple, its majesty escaped us.What is needed in this way?It requires full participation, full consciousness, full consciousness.This means staying awake even if it's easier to sleep.It means being responsible for my life and the world I see.And yes ...I use every thought I have, every word I have, every act I have created the world I see.I can choose the quality of my experience, relationships and my world wide.This moment deserves your full attention because it will not pass your path again.The good news is that you can always choose again.The past has passed and the future is uncertain.The only time you can choose is now.The power of choice is now.Choose again -Choose Life, Love and You.
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