most powerful amplifier The TRUTH About the HUMAN HORMONE of GROWTH true history behind the growth hormone: Can it without risk reverse ageing?

by:Winbridge      2019-12-02

Have you heard a lot about human growth hormone recently?It is difficult to avoid the ability to hear it reverse the aging process and rebuild the aging body.This study details the recovery effect of hGH on almost every system of the body.What is it for human growth hormone (HGH?It is a substance naturally produced by your own lower brain gland.It is necessary for the healthy operation and renewal of each cell of the body and each system.Without him: --------You lose interest in sex, how does hGH take care of all of these features?It proves hGH jumpingStart old cellsIt drives cells into the repair and reproductive stages faster.Unfortunately, as we grow older, our repair and reproductive cycle begins to slow down.After the average person reached the age of 20, growth hormone began to decline gradually.It was even less in its thirties and forties.Before the average person reached the age of 60, the brain tumor only secreted 25% of the growth hormone produced at the age of 20.This is like the contraction of the main body and the beginning of all other symptoms associated with old age.Research shows that the revival of hGH has brought amazing results. A study published by the British Medical News newspaper shocked medical institutions: six months after injecting human growth hormone (hGH, A group of men aged 61 to 81 received an average of 8.The body mass is 8% thin and the average loss is 14.4% in large quality.Skin thickening 7.1%, the liver and spleen also developed 19% and 17%.Mr. Daniel Rudman, author of the studyD., Concluded: "The six-month effect of human growth hormone on the body's thin mass and fat fabric mass in size and change occurred fairly in 10 to 20 years?Researchers at Stanford University came to the same conclusion in 1992.Other researchers agree with the results.Dr.Bob Goldman, president of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, said: "by slowing down human aging, therapies that replace growth hormone may be the most powerful tool, can human growth hormone also prove to be a silver plated ball for anti-aging and degraded disease demons??This study details the recovery effect of hGH on almost every system of the body.Studies of human growth hormone have shown that it reorganizes real body slices.According to the doctorEdmund Chein, hGH makes a difference in any other treatment or therapy to remove grease because grease works with the body, not against him.Does the doctor claim that hGH has really changed the hormonal information indicating that your body stores grease?Work with the body, not against him.After completing a pattern, most people quickly regained their weight because the hormonal information indicating that the body stores grease has not changed.Growth hormone can really change this message.Promoting immunization of the immune system is the basis for a healthy and long life.Many researchers have shown that the duration is quickly shortened when the immune system is damaged.The treatment of HGH can directly realize immune function.It greatly improves the activity of all major immune type cells, including T-Natural B-cellCells, tueuse cells and macrophages.What is even more surprising is that it magnifies the levels of cytokines (key messengers of the immune system), such as il 1, immunoglobulin G, and the factors of necrosis tumors.HGH can even reverse an inevitable contraction of the thymus gland, a key component of the immune system.In another study, patients with heart disease received hGH implants.Every day of three months.When patients were tested again after three months of treatment, their heart walls became significantly thicker, showing their ability to contract and pump blood, as well as a significant increase in resistance.Other studies have shown significant improvement in memory, ability to think, and causes, and improvement in mental clarity, vigilance, and attention.Other studies have shown that brain-damaged neurons are regenerated.The mood and energy of the elevator many of these patients complained that after only one month of treatment, the energy increased significantly.After six months of treatment, their mental health has also improved significantly.Vibrant skin;Hair thickening growth hormone takes ten years in addition to skin aging, as it can prevent the skin from bending or shrinking.Because of its ability to stimulate protein synthesis, the skin can become thicker elastic and newer.It also makes hair grow thicker and stimulates faster growth.Growth hormone also improves the elasticity of our eye goals and improves night vision and close range vision.It is used to reverse chronic diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig, Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and Alzheimer's disease., Chronic fatigue, many other and heart diseases.The researchers pointed out that the treatment of GH significantly prolonged the life span of the treated mice.Warning: While hGH has produced amazing results, it also has a black side and is rarely advertised.Once the growth hormone is only taken or above the proportion, it will produce artificial stimulation and lead to insulin resistance, diabetes, liquid preservation, wrist tunnel syndrome, male development disorder (the center of the increase ), the output of the body's appropriate growth hormone is reduced, as well as the development of males (abnormal growth of wrist, hand and foot bones ).To make matters worse, other studies published in the journal Cancer Research and endocrine suggest that excessive hGH can support the growth of tumors (Cancer Research 195,1997 ).In addition, it is expensive and difficult to manage.At present, it is illegal to sell without supervision.HGH can only be distributed by authorized doctors at a cost of $5.000 to $10.000 per year.Such hGH has paid a high cost from the extension of normal people --Given the difficult and unpleasant side effects, perhaps this should be done.But is there a way to slow down the decline of hGH in our bodies?Is there enough way to produce our cleaning product so we don't have to introduce it?Real rational growth hormone decreases with age, and our growth hormone levels do decline with age, and our ability to produce growth hormone in brain waves does not decline.In old age, brain tumors maintain a good production capacity in proportion to hGH.So why is hGH and-1 decrease do?Some researchers have pointed out these factors accurately :-The lower visual Hill without sensitivity?Unless there is a signal from the lower visual Hill to the lower visual Hill, the lower visual Hill will not produce growth hormone.-Decreased liver function?The liver is the body responsible for converting growth hormone into insulin-like growth factor1.If the liver does not function in the best way due to age, disease, or pattern, convert part of hGH only in G-H1 will occur.-Lack of sleep?The main part of the mone he de croissance est production pendant le Somel profond goes to the fuzzy lente (connu sous le nom de Somel goes to the fuzzy de Δd' discussion: Stage IV ).People are not satisfied with the production of hormones.-Du sucre Dana le sang Quinn uniform?Les du sucre dan le sang le Vish El GHRH, the hormone secretion of the hormone response product l of l.Comment on "no party, no party"It is dangerous to treat the body with growth hormone alone.In order to better encourage the body to produce internet growth factors normally again, is Ilne not worth it?1 and growth hormone?The advantage of the key growth hormone that opens without risk must be nourishment and balance, not stimulation.This means that amino acids extracted from sweet herbs, essential oils, and growth hormone release are used to support the liver, the lower lobe of the brain, and the lower part of the hill.It also avoids confidence in simply replenishing hormones.Body implied by activating normal production of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor1. the powerful effect of resistanceAging can be achieved with minimal side effects or for a long timeTerminology complicationsSeveral foods, including DL (a normal substance that prevents a large accumulation of liver), Oregon grape roots and medlar, show the liver function of Thule.Recent studies have shown that petrochemical products can also connect hormone insulin-like growth factor receptorsThe growth of 1 prevents this fact from being absorbed by the body by the growth hormone.This is why actions to avoid the synthesis or petrochemical of personal products --Basic care is essential.Studies in Europe have proved that high essential oils in double half hydrocarbons, such as no medicine, (mixed with no medicine), rat medicine for rat medicine, it is Sandalwood (Santalum album ), to give oxygen and stimulation to the lower part of the brain and the gland.A study conducted in Grasse, France, in 1995 proved that when necessaryThe double-half iterpen oil is inhaled, and they play an extraordinary role in the brain's marginal system, which is a department consisting of a visual Hill, an inferior lobe of the brain and a pineal body.Sweating in the brain indicates a significant increase in activity in the lower part of the brain after inhalation of sesame oil, no medicine and sandalwood.Alan Hirsch, another researcherM.D.The smell director at the Chicago taste research base proved several perfumes --Mint included/known-It has a strong stimulating effect on the lower part of the brain.Mint appears to be acting specifically on the inside of the core abdomen of the lower Hill, which regulates many basic commands, including the direction of satiety (Satiety occurs when eating ).This exercise is one of the most effective in the normal release of growth hormone, especially if it is a high-intensity supported exercise such as running and resistance formation (lifting weights ).These activities increase the number of growth hormone by increasing the sensitivity of the lower part of the mound.Replacement of multi-Hormones, instead of replacing only one or two hormones, improve the normal balance of the body of the imitator and are much higher than the level of using growth hormone only.The combination of human growth hormone release and essential oil, careful exercise and pattern, is the most reliable and normal solution for human growth hormone deficiency.
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