most powerful amplifier Weight Loss Surgery and Emotional Eating - Tips for Breaking the Emotional Overeating Cycle

by:Winbridge      2019-11-27
Weight loss surgery patients are often surprised to find that the old habits of food are back in their lives.When back on the path of emotional excessDepending on your procedure for weight loss surgery, diet can vary, which is a difficult fact: food-related habits, especially those that use food to take care of our emotional needs, are hard to break.If you realize that you are over-emotional, here are the important stepsEating after weight loss surgery: 1.Name it after what it is.If you eat because of fatigue, anger, boredom, sadness, anxiety or excitement, the first step is to notice that this is what is happening.Try to develop the habit of assessing your physical hunger before eating.Learning to focus on hunger tips is an important skill, and even if weight loss surgery changes these tips, you need to eat when you don't feel physically hungry.2.Sometimes it is easiest to do it by working backwards.If you feel out of control eating one day, then do some deep breathing and some detective work afterwards.Maintain your judgment and cultivate your curiosity.What is the difference between this day and the previous one?What makes you eat more?How do you feel?When did you start thinking about food?3.When you practice the first two steps, you will start to identify some triggers.\ "These are the feelings, circumstances, or circumstances that lead you to the path of eating when your body does not need food.4.Pay attention to your "basic needs" we have basic needs for sleep, physical activity, stress release and relaxation, time to be alone and time to get along with others.Take the time to understand your needs in these areas and make sure you meet them.As a weight loss surgery patient, you also need to pay extra attention to nutritional needs.Let things like B12, supplements, protein, and water slide affect your energy levels and greatly affect your diet (not to mention your health ).5.When you learn to identify your emotional hunger and start to realize what triggers your emotional hunger, you can start to develop alternative coping strategies."What else can I do besides overeating?\ "And \" what else can I start doing when I feel it (fill in the blanks with your trigger )?\ "Is some of the most powerful questions you can start to answer.Don't feel defeated if you don't know the answers to these questions.Write them down.These are areas where you really want to start collecting more tools, strategies, and support to help you.6.Be patient. you're not overly emotional.After eating it all night, you won't overcome it all at once.Be gentle with yourself and continue these steps.They will make a difference.
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