most powerful amplifier Why Diabetics Don’t Take Better Care of Themselves

by:Winbridge      2019-11-26

What can be done by ItBy Devin Hastings, president of MN.The common complaint among all healthcare professionals treating diabetes at the Advanced Communication Skills Institute is that many diabetics simply don't do simple things that can improve their condition.In fact, many people with diabetes seem to go out of their way to make their condition worse.It's not just medical professionals who see this.Spouses and partners of people with diabetes often suffer huge emotional pain because their loved ones don't seem to care enough to make healthier choices, or at least not to make harmful choices.In many ways, this is a tragic and costly issue.In 1997, the direct cost of diabetes in the United States alone was $44 billion.The United States estimated diabetes at a direct cost of 2002 was $92 billion.But wait!There’s more.You see, there is something called "indirect cost" (3) that pushed the total bill for 2002 from $92 billion to $132 billion.When you think of the emotional cost of controlling poor diabetes, the financial cost is just the tip of the iceberg.The sad truth is that a large part of this "diabetes epidemic" can be prevented.This is true because at least 90% of people with diabetes have diabetes because they are significantly overweight.(4) now here's the secret of why people with diabetes are not getting better and why the cost is really so tragic: depression and related emotional challengesEven its beginning (5), (6), (7), (8), (9) consider the words of Henry modesley: "The sadness that tears do not vent may make other organs cry.This is a "secret" and the reason why most diabetic patients do not take care of their emotional energy at all;They don't want to, they can't.Depression is no excuse-This is a reason and a condition that can be changed.Now, it is equally heartbreaking that the United States is the world's largest consumer against corruption.Depression drugs and, but "rates of depression in the United StatesS.In each age group is on the rise."(10) We seem to be trying the same thing (using-Depression drugs) hope to achieve better results over and over again--and we’re not.Please don't think I'm against the use of drugsI’m not.Drugs can save lives.It's just that sometimes, there's a lot more than we think, and there's a better answer.Therefore, my study has put forward the following three suggestions for me to greatly reduce the incidence of diabetes, reduce the deterioration of diabetes and eliminate many cases of diabetes: 1) use effective weight loss methodsNot magical, fix pills, potions and patches quickly.I wrote an article entitled "doctor's research confirms the effectiveness of weight loss medication therapy," in which I cite persuasive evidence that hypnosis can make a veryIf you would like to read this, please visit the URL below to read this and more: Consider using hypnosis to help reduce and possibly eliminate depression, anxiety and other emotional challenges that make diabetes worse (and cause it ).I wrote a few articles about depression.Connection of diabetesYou can link to them on the homepage of my website, visit: www.Depression-Hypnosis.Interesting information.3) Be sure to read Michael D.Yapko, PhD.He did a great job.Now, let me make it clear that if a person is in the care of a doctor due to depression, anxiety, or any other diagnostic challenge, before making any changes to their current health care program, they must consult the doctor first.When I say this, I also emphasize that there are thousands of WellsDocumented case studies proving the effectiveness of hypnosis.So if someone says hypnosis is useless, harmful, or just stupidPocus, they speak from the perspective of "insufficient funding for education.In fact, hypnosis is used in hospitals and doctors for many challenges and is very effective.More people understand how compassionate, cost-it's just a matter of time.It helps people improve their lives."Of course, language is the most powerful drug used by human beings.-The direct cost of diabetes in Rudyard kiplingreference (1) takes into account the following medical expenses: inpatient hospital care, nursing home care, diabetes-Related to inpatient and cardiovascular diseases.(2) Source: Website of American Diabetes Association: indirect expenses are: working days lost due to diabetes, restricted activity days, mortality and permanent disability totaling $40.8 billion.(4) \ "overeating and obesity lead to an increase in insulin secretion in the pancreas, resulting in additional storage of fat in the tissue.With the increase of body weight and insulin secretion, the body will eventually resist the role of insulin, and diabetes will occur.\ "The diabetes doctor looks at diabetes on page 21A: Peter A's" his and yours"Lodewick, M.D.(5) Swedish researchers reported that "symptoms of depression or psychological stress are associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in men, but not in women.A team in Canada said the monitoring data showed that "the prevalence of all mental disorders in diabetic patients is higher compared to those without diabetes."They specifically noted that the incidence of emotional and anxiety disorders in people with diabetes under the age of 50 was higher than 30% (P
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