most powerful amplifier Your Life Is A Work of Art: Te Importance Of Creativity In Your Daily Life

by:Winbridge      2019-12-02
"All the children are artists.The question is how to keep the artist's identity once he grows up.”--Pablo Picasso--My little brother and I grew up in a family because we were big enough to hold crayons, the home where my parents built furniture, our clothes were made by my mom and my grandmother made the most beautiful Christmas decorations with yarn, felt, old tin cans and recycled cards;Sometimes it is difficult to understand why people are so afraid of the art or creativity in it.These things are like breathing to me.Perhaps there is a need for creativity because of lack of funds.For whatever reason, I can't imagine without some kind of creative way out right now, whether it's making Christmas balls by myself, drawing furniture, jewelry, painting, or writing a poemI don't work in the same medium every time.I think I would be bored if I was "professional."For me, something left inspiration in my heart, and then I will follow it wherever it leads.I have multiple projects not completed and in progress at any given time.However, people's fear of having to be creative is one of the most common fears and evades I face when working with clients and students.It is intricately woven with low self-esteem and looks stupid for fear of not being good enough, not measuring.It's a fear that by putting your unique personal voice in the world, risking people not appreciating you, or, worse, not even understanding you, you become vulnerable.However, when you do not allow this energy to pass through you, into your life and your work, in a constant flow, when you do not put your creative self there, you're like a stagnant stream.Unfortunately, we do not live in a culture that encourages the development of creative voices within us.The practicality of reason is above all else.Our school system is not perfect yet.funded;The first project to be cut is art and music, which is considered "consumable ".Therefore, we know in the early days of life that the voice of our soul through our art can be consumed and unnecessary in our daily life.For most people, it's a ridiculous idea to spend time every day slowing down, daydreaming, and creating something."It sounds interesting, of course, but a bit frivolous.Who has time?..."It doesn't relate to the time you spend on creation for creation, and when there is no important bet, it's the way you learn to incorporate creative flow into everything you do in your life.Students and clients sometimes complain about not being able to find a solution to their problems and feel like they are "in trouble "."For me, this is an obstacle in the flow of creativity, and there is no way to see another path in front of them.Be able to create innovative solutions in your business, or negotiate a difficult relationship creatively, or imagine a fulfilling life for you, this is an extension of the creative flow of your life.If you do not "practice" through creativity at a time without any danger, how do you expect your habitual barriers to thinking to disappear;When you need it, creative ideas that are easy to flow magically show up?They don’t.This is a way of life that you cultivate by participating in the creative flow without self.Make regular judgments.The first year I had my women retreat and there was a woman who came and when I said we would color it for a part of the first afternoon she produced completely negativeThe beautiful paintings we drew were to open up specific female energy for the rest of the week, but she immediately thought of "Oh God.Coloring??-This is stupid.What is the point of this?I don't want."Well, anyway, she did it anyway and there was no photo of her mark and she was coloring that week and we never saw her again ---Talk, rest, eat and so on.She realized that her initial reaction was that she was always told she was smart when she grew up, but she was not creative;Her life has always been with faith in herself.With a simple coloring action, it opens up a place to calm and nourish her.A few years later, she continued to color as it was the direct entrance to open the water flow while the pressure and feeling "stuck."Men sometimes get less support information than women do in terms of creativity (it's a" girl thing ").The first night of my running creative journey (your crazy creative soul), I asked people to do an exercise and write down all their memories of creativity, good or bad;Comments they made when they grew up;What is implied, even if not said.For some, the most powerful message they get is silence.No one has ever said anything, and no one pays attention to creativity.You can't get more powerful information than something that isn't worth the time to mention.It is important to bring some conscious awareness to those moments and messages, because otherwise this information will always work on our subconscious level.They are the constant consumption of our vitality energy, because they lead us to cut off the creative flow that is inherent.The ultimate goal of the exercise is to make us aware of our belief in our own creativity and our "level of ability" that has been adopted by us from the outside.They are not ours.We didn't get here when the kids thought "Oh, I'm not very creative", "I'm not an artist."We didn't believe in this corrosive belief system until someone told us that we didn't have creativity, or that we weren't as good as others.Once people start to feel these beliefs on a positive level, they can start to see that they are not real.We do the activity for the rest of the creative weekend, where there is no right or wrong, there is no expected result.We don't draw a tree in a visually authentic way, so that people can mentally compare their "bad" paintings with the actual tree and feel like they have failed.We can draw objects, although we draw something on objects that are not visible to the naked eye.We can draw music.We may write, but we write with a set of words that are given to you, so that the brain jogs in a different way, because you don't have to come up with words from scratch.We move in ways that your body may not be used to because movement opens up different neural pathways in the brain, opening up new "pathways" for creative thinking ".It's all about saving the old spiritual critic from the picture, because the critic is nothing more than a mental habit.People begin to feel that a creative flow flows within them without judging it.This is the first time for some to feel this free-moving and uncritical energy.At the end of the weekend, the most common sentence we hear from people is that it took just a few days to play and entertain and was surprised by the changes inside.People begin to feel their creativity.There is nothing boring about this, or "not important ".When was the last time you gave yourself breathing space to experience your creative mind?You are a very creative being, and when you open your heart to the creative flow within, your life becomes your greatest work of art.
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