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by:Winbridge      2019-12-06
So you can press the kit and demo CD and want to know what to do next.Why not try the open mic night at the local club?Most clubs promote these open mic nights in local music newspapers or entertainment magazines.The open mic night will give your band an experience on stage and the club will most likely have a built-in audience to perform.Most of the time, all you have to do is show up with your instrument.PA systems and drums are usually provided.Please call in advance to make sure this is the case.Many of these events are hosted by well-known local bands and have created great networking opportunities.Connect with the band that plays the open mic night and leave a press kit for the club owner.Maybe hosting the band likes your music and needs an opening show in the future.Sometimes the audience may be interested in your band, so get some business cards ready with all your contact information on them.
The reality of starting as a band is that you will most likely not get paid in the first place.In any case, you didn't start out for money, but because you wanted your music to be heard.An opening show for a band you know or meet on open mic night.Email some bands in your area to see if they accept the opening show.Free opening is provided to get some much needed exposure.Many established bands like the opening show because they don't have to pay too much, just so it's easier for them to work.
Promote your band when you have a chance.Distribute business cards on open mic night and send flyers to the clubs you will be in the future.Call or email a club or venue that handles your music type.Once you get some shows, contact your local music newspaper with your band name, venue name, phone number, show time and any other information you think is necessary.Many entertainment newspapers offer this service for free.Request your press kit from the local venue.Start visiting the local club in person with your band mates and talk to the Booker or director of entertainment.Leave a copy of your press kit and let them listen to your demo at you if possible.Make a phone call a day or two after the visit and persevere.You may have to make a few phone calls because it is difficult to reach the band Booker.Most people work late at their venue.
Now, you have emailed or called the local newspaper and posted any program dates in their entertainment section.Contact any music newspaper or magazine in your area to see if they will write an article on your band or visit one of your shows.If you have successfully obtained an article or comments about your band, please make sure that the article author includes your website address and booking information in the article.There are many opportunities to promote your band, so don't miss the chance to add your contact information to newspaper articles or comment on your band.
Send your demo CD and news kit to any local battle for a band contest or song creation contest.The Battle of the band found the future talent for their performance.They need to perform, so it's a great opportunity for your band.The band battle offers the opportunity to connect with local promoters, other established bands, and to hear from audiences looking for new talent.Most of the time, these activities are promoted through radio, newspaper advertising and online marketing.The winner of the band battle usually gets some nice benefits like studio time, equipment or free advertising.I know a band in my area won a game and actually got a chance to play live on the radio.Next you know they play some of the best venues in the area.View these events as much as possible.
Head to the town fair, county art festival or City concert venue to host performances and exposure for your band.Most of these types of performances are performed free of charge by the band, but have the opportunity to perform for the built-in audience.Do some research on the internet to see which bands the local agency or website has booked for these types of events.
Now that your band promotion has a great start, it's time to get your band online and may be looking for a band manager, a booking agent or a voice technician.Please see the third part of our article to get your band out of the garage, in http://www more information on news kits and demo tips, band resources, and band promotion, please visit the media website http://www site is a valuable resource for startups and bands around the world.

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