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by:Winbridge      2019-10-26
Students learn and perceive knowledge in different ways.There are three categories for learners: (1) visionThey are people who get information easily by using charts, maps and charts, (2) sense of movementSuch learners perceive knowledge by doing physical activity instead of listening to lectures or watching presentations, (3) hearing-Learners of this type like to learn by listening.As a major way of learning, this learner relies on listening and speaking.
Some people can't get ideas and information just by looking at charts, charts, or any visual aids.There are also people who cannot gain knowledge through physical activity, but some can easily retain details from the discussion and can recite what his professor discussed by listening.If you have the features of the latter, you are definitely an audio learner.
Audio learners learn best from listening data and accounts.75% of the information they hear is kept in their minds and the details are remembered while singing.If you are an audio learner, you can practice these activities to improve your audio skills.
Play the recorded lecture.
Audio learners receive information while listening to audio books and recording lectures and discussions.If you are one of them, you can check your notes by listening to the files you recorded.Bring your recording file.You can carry recorded audio files anytime, anywhere.
You can share with your friends and start group learning with them.Learning can be more exciting when you become your friend.But, of course, you have to find a perfect device where you can play the recorded files.
Bluetooth speaker is OK.
Record your notes.
It is convenient for you to record your notes.For example, you don't need to carry a textbook with you.Record your notes on your phone and carry a handy Speaker with you so you can view it at any time of the day.
Play music and songs.
When you are exhausted from your studies, you should take a rest.Listen to your favorite songs to relax your mind.It turns out that music is good for memory.
Listening to your favorite songs will help your brain prepare to process new information.People have different ways of learning.Whether you are a learner of visual, kinesthetic or auditory types, find ways to improve your skills.But if you are an audio learner, the activities mentioned above will definitely help.
Don't forget to complete learning tools such as textbooks, voice recorders and Bluetooth speakers to make your learning experience more exciting
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