portable voice amplifier How to Start a Circuit Training Fitness Class

by:Winbridge      2019-12-12
What is circuit training?
Tour training is a form of exercise at a station that involves an entire exercise space, each with its own equipment and/or specific exercise at that station.For example, there may be ten sites for circuit exercise.Station 1 lets your participants perform jumping moves.Station 2 squats down;The third stop is skipping rope. The fourth stop is bicep curly hair. the list continues.It keeps participants engaged and allows you to come to each station to monitor the performance, form, and even push them to improve their health.

Why do you want to go to the circuit training class?
Teaching circuit training is a good alternative to traditional group training where a lecturer completes all exercises accompanied by participants.

--You can move around and correct their form when everyone is practicing.While you can't see everyone at the same time, you can provide more personal attention to your class participants.

--At first, you may run around with sweat and make sure no one kills themselves, but once you 've mastered the tips on how to get to class, things get easier.So it's more likely to teach a few classes a day than when you actually exercise!
It is interesting for participants to pass through the circuit.They are also able to pay more attention to the right form because they don't have to pay attention to the choreography or what the coach says and they can even talk to each other.Soon your team will form a bond that will help you maintain the growth and prosperity of your class.They are responsible for coming to class!
Have more revenue potential
Because of your low overhead (less equipment you need), you can keep more revenue.The gym can cost between $15 and $25 per class, but with group training you can make more money.
Less arrangement.
There is almost no arrangement of the circuit training course.If you're a personal trainer and want to make more money on this, it's easy for you to start a tour training class in your community because you don't need to worry about choreography.

Teaching circuit training allows you to have less equipment than the teaching course, where you can lead the whole course through the exercise.Depending on the size of your class, you only need enough equipment to provide exercises at each station in the circuit.
Participants perform each exercise within the set time.This amount is up to you, but my usual formula is 60-60-30.We do two rounds of 60 seconds of circulation each time, with 2 minutes of water break in the middle, and then a "lightning turn", and we do another revolution through the circuit, which is only 30 seconds at this time.Ensure accurate time is maintained.As we all know, if you let participants take longer than you promised, they will become grumpy!

.I have created the logo for my workout.Each station has a whole piece of paper in a clear paper protector, where I wrote the name of the exercise and attached a photo of someone doing the exercise.The paper protectors are also handy as it is known that I can grab a dry erase Mark and add some changes to the exercises to make them more difficult from time to time.
Don't let your participants work quietly with your voice!Too boring.Music doesn't need to be expensive because your class is not choreographed so the music is simple.Just pick up the portable speaker, a/V power cord and a smartphone or mp3 player and use pandora or your own songs for background music.Using pandora can also allow you to quickly change the state from high intensity to cooling time.
Voice Amplifier (optional ).
If you have a lot of participants, or you are doing circuit training outdoors, you may want to invest more money on a portable voice amplifier.You can put it on your waist and it comes with a small headset to amplify your sound.

Looking for local studio, massage therapist's office, ballroom, church building, clubhouse--There are people everywhere, a lot of open space is where you can host the course.If your network is good, you can sometimes reach an agreement with your boss to help you advertise for free.I had a dance teacher around me email everyone on her mailing list saying I was starting a new class at the studio.That's how my class grew up.
This is always the first step for some of us.But the network is part of the plan!If you are going to start a fitness class, training camp or exercise in your neighborhood, you need to know what kind of exercise you want to teach.If you're not very good at dance training like bodump ump and Zumba, tour training can be the perfect choice for you.

You can find equipment for your circuit training class anywhere-Discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx usually offer weighted balls, bands, and rope skipping at discounted prices.Amazon also offers good prices for resistance bands that are easy to transport from home, if you can't store your device in that facility.
You can promote your class on craigslist, in-facilities, nearby newsletters, nearby supermarkets, restaurants, and of course on the Internet using social networks.Word of mouth, however, will make your course the most prosperous, so put all your stuff into the clients who attend your tour training class.
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