professional mic best way to sell a guided meditation -

by:Winbridge      2019-09-23
Do you want to sell meditation CD?Here's what you need to know: record it first.This is the first work to trip people.It is best to record with a professional microphone.You have to put some background music to fill the gap.
If you can't get into the sound studio, ask someone to read your bio as an introduction (but don't make it sound like reading), or make one of your fans raving about you.Get a great design piece of disk and jewelry box.People do judge the product by the cover of the product.
Make it: there are companies everywhere on the web that copy your CDs and ship them directly to your customers with little to nothing.The most challenging thing is marketing.While it's tempting to provide free MP3 samples of your work, keep in mind that this is a sales tool.Don't give up so much value that they feel "full" and move on without taking action.
Make your client an affiliate.
They can take your CD out.
The home of their friends and clients (main extra benefit) and profit from selling for you.Let's start selling: make yourself an expert.1) propose a copy of the advertisement and key points that define the benefits of this meditation.
2) start a joint venture with other people who want you to be a guest on their TV show.Post testimonials everywhere.4) build a funnel: what have you provided for free?Do you dare to tell me that you are a free coach?) 5) learn how to sell for the benefit of customers, customers and website visitors
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