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by:Winbridge      2019-09-27
Microphones can be used for many things, such as telephone, public address audio system of concert hall, hearing aid, film making, public activities, live and recorded audio engineering, dualRadio for recording voice, VoIP, voice recognition and non-voice, recording megaphone, radio and television broadcasts, and ways in computersAcoustic applications such as ultrasonic sensors or tapping sensors.Many different types of microphones are used in the world, and they use different methods to change the air pressure changes of sound waves to electrical signals.It is common to have a dynamic microphone, which uses a coil suspended in a magnetic field, followed by a capacitive microphone, which uses a vibrating diaphragm as a capacitor plate.
A piezoelectric microphone with a piezoelectric material crystal.Most microphones need to be connected to the preamp before recording or reproducing the signal.In order to communicate with a large number of people, human voices need to be increased.
One of the earliest devices to achieve this goal was the sound amplifier.Some examples of the first batch are theater masks with speakers --Use its acoustic properties to amplify the opening of the shape of the actor's sound on the stage.In the 17 th century, British physicist Robert Hook did an experiment with a medium, and in addition to the air, there was the invention of a "couple phone" made of a string of stretched wires, there is a cup at both ends.
John Philip Reese designed a sound transmitter using a metal strip attached to the vibrating film to produce an unstable current, and the Scottish "liquid transmitter" design achieved better resultsAlexander Graham Bell's 19th-century telephone in the United States, the diaphragm is attached to a conductive rod in an acidic solution.The sound quality of these systems is very poor.The company is an American audio product company.
It is by Sydney N.
In 1925, Shure was a supplier of radio parts kits in Chicago, Illinois.The company has become a consumer and professional audio-Electronic manufacturers of microphones, phonograph cartridges, wireless microphone systems, discussion systems, digital signal processing, and mixers.The company also produces hearing products such as headphones, personal monitoring systems, and advanced headsetsQuality headphones.
From all of these studies, I conclude that middle-income countries are one of the most important and important technological breakthroughs, but humans are still not satisfied with the existing microphones, so they continue to make more breakthroughs, and Shure is one of the companies that is still working on new ways to improve existing microphones.Shure launched 33N two products in the 20 th century and began to produce its own products.Button microphone.Shure's first capacitive microphone model 40D was launched next year, and the first generation of crystal microphone Model 70 was launched in 1935.
Shure has manufactured many wireless microphone systems, many of which use microphone capsules from cable microphone models such as Beta 58 and Beta 87.The scope of the system is from the entrance-level to high-Quality System for tourism and large tourismExtend the event application.At the beginning of the 20 th century, Shure launched the Vagabond 88 wireless microphone system.
Operate in copper coils suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor.The system can be transmitted in the range of 700 square feet.The system consists of a lowFrequency FM radio transmitters and microphones, using five ultra-small vacuum tubes and powered by two hearing aid batteries.
The Vagabond system was expensive and fragile, but was adopted by several Las Vegas venues at the time.It was not until the 20 th century that Shure entered the wireless microphone market with the introduction of the L series
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