shure sm57 microphone Dynamic Mic Vs Condenser Mic

by:Winbridge      2019-12-10
Some may argue that a dynamic microphone is feasible.Others will swear by a good condenser.In fact, they are two different tools that complement each other.The dynamic condenser is like a screwdriver for a hammer.

: Energy conversion device.The microphone converts the sound energy (sound) into electricity, and then stores it as data on a disc or hard disk, or simply zooms in and plays through the speaker.
Both dynamic and capacitive microphones implement this feature, but they perform this conversion differently.

Of these two types, the dynamic microphone is the most familiar and the structure is the most durable.The basis of the dynamic microphone is induction.
The diaphragm ("eardrum") is attached to a wire wound around a permanent magnet magnetic field.When the microphone is plugged in, the current passes through the microphone.
When sound waves hit the diaphragm, the coil moves, changing the magnetic field generated by the coil.This in turn changes the current through the microphone wires.
A dynamic microphone known for its durability.In the video above, a dynamic microphone was dropped several layers but still received the audio clearly and cleanly.
Typically, a set of dynamic microphones is used because a dynamic microphone has different responses to all frequencies.To achieve this, some high-end microphones will include multiple partitions, but prices will rise proportionally.

A capacitor microphone uses a circuit element called a capacitor.The capacitive microphone is used in some more expensive applications and is reliable for accurate sound reproduction.
The diaphragm is a plate in the capacitor, and when the sound wave hits it to make it closer to the other plate, the current in The Wire strengthens, thus sending audio information through the wire.
So which one is better?
Neither.In fact, both the dynamic microphone and the condenser are good options in your audio library.
Dynamic microphones provide great capture of human voice: meet those little dueling microphones in front of the president of the United StatesS.A.When the speech was delivered?Shure SM57, classic dynamic microphoneThey have been using these since 1965.
Capacitor microphones are widely used in film production.These boom microphones are capacitive microphones.Also the built-Microphone on mobile phone, camera, etc.are condensers.

If you want to capture the human voice (such as songs, speeches, plays, vocals in interviews, etc ).Shure SM58 is a way to go;A trustworthy brand, specific design, durable structure.
Most people would recommend two Shure SM57, as well as other capacitive microphones, if you want to record drums.

If you want to record a musical performance, the choice of the microphone varies from instrument to instrument.In general, if you can afford it, go buy a large diaphragm dynamic microphone or bring a microphone.

Capacitor microphones are the best option for film making and TV as they can become lighter and lighter as they can be placed in awkward places.In addition, the filmmaker's favorite shotgun microphone can only be made with a condenser.
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