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by:Winbridge      2019-10-22
It is said that the traditional table can accommodate up to 12 to 14 people without complicated situations.If you have one more guest than this, you may find yourself playing a music Chair game that makes it comfortable for everyone to sit down.Here are some steps where you can sit up to 25 people around a small table for your next party, book club meeting or small business presentation.
There are many places to sit.
This may mean that you don't have a chair at all as they may occupy the room.A semi-circular sofa is designed to surround the table, or, if you have a table that is very close to the ground, the floor --Pillows and beautiful floorsCompared to the traditional use of chairs, the mat can provide more seating space.The point is that no one will feel left out because you have more seats than guests.
Encourage sitting around.
This kind of thing depends entirely on what type of party you are hosting and what kind of crowd there will be.If it is a family event, some of the guests are children, or you are hosting a couple, it is not unreasonable to ask some of your guests to sit on the legs of their guardians or important others.It looks a bit informal, but depending on the type of party you're hosting, it can enhance the family intimacy of the team members.
Don't do anything you need to sit on the tablejust around it.For example, if you want to host a dinner party for 25 people, it is not mandatory for everyone to sit at the table.You can put your dinner on the table with seating throughout the room facing the table.
This allows for more space, and it is reasonable to put the chair a few feet away from the table as guests need a room to serve themselves.Divide the party into several groups.It's a smart way to make sure everyone is sitting around the table when it's really important.For example, if you have 25 people attending a business meeting, book club or party, you can have 6 to 7 people standing up to make a speech at a time, when others sit and watch, sing karaoke or play competitive games.
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