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by:Winbridge      2019-10-21
At the age of 12, girls are just making up the gap between little girls and young women.The girls are young enough to spend the night in one place, but big enough to entertain themselves under some supervision.Plan and your 12-year-Let her enjoy the event and get your approval.
A way to spend the night on the track is 12-year-Old girls choose a theme for the event.The theme should be something the host girl likes, like her favorite movie marathon, a makeup meeting for girls, or food --The theme of the girl making her own pizza, sundae or other food.Girls can also choose a more abstract theme, such as color, TV show or time period.
In order to avoid endless "true or dare" games and prevent the girls from calling friends and classmates in a prank to provide them with several interesting games.Twister is a classic game for 12 peopleyear-old girls.Play with nail polish rotation and rotate another option for the bottle.
The girls rotate the bottle in turn with nail polish of different colors.No matter who the bottle points to, you can draw a nail in this color.Continue the game until all the nails are done.
Beach ball problem is another fun game for the night.Write a bunch of random questions on the beach like "What is your biggest fear", "Who is your favorite celebrity," What do you want to do when you grow up, "And other questions.Do some thoughtful, some stupid, some challenging.
The girl put the ball back and forth.
The girls have to answer the questions they have with their right thumb.Most 12-year-Old girls love to eat.Provide a variety of food that girls can cook for themselves late at night, as well as snacks and a main course.Pizza and popcorn, candy, and other simple snacks are a simple and popular menu item for overnight stays.
Let the girls make their own pizzas or desserts and turn the meal time into an activity.Provide healthy options for girls with dietary restrictions, such as vegetables and fruits, and replenish junk food.Girls get bored quickly during the night.To avoid boredom, there is a lot of activity for the girls.
Girls can make jewelry, decorate cloth with acrylic paint, take pictures and make party scrapbooks, attend fashion shows, make up and type, do Spa, sing karaoke, do treasure hunt or treasure hunt and make T-A shirt or pillowcase is a favorite for an overnight party.Some girls can also enjoy a classic overnight pillow fight
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