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by:Winbridge      2019-10-30
Microsoft has done a great job in Zune's audio quality.According to engtopolsky's post for Engadget, "Zune players have always been considered their excellent audio.But he continued, "forget to use the bundled earplugs ---They are almost rubbish.
When we testedOn the other hand, we think the quality of sound is quite good.How about the external speaker base?Their audio quality ranges from smoke to crushing.Let's take a quick look at Zune's top three speakers.
One of the most powerful MP3 docking stations on the market, the zK500 allows you to get more from Zune than ever before.The bass and treble options allow users to enjoy music as much as they want.Huge power-on speaker, 5-Inch bass and 40-The watt stereo amp provides the kind of clear, powerful sound you expect from the kick player product.
But now the patentpending 6-Inch square reflection subwoofer produces dynamic bass response that does not match other MP3 docking stations.I just buy the 500 of zkicker has have a week.This is an amazing product.The sound was particularly clear and clear, much better than anything I had.
Don't worry about opening this system.
At a volume of 16/40, it will ring the picture on my wall.There is no distortion even in very high volume.The bass is clean and gives off a lot of bass.
Not as many as your 15 \ "submarine in your car, but it's enough.I have never seen such a small speaker system make so much sound.It has -9 on high sound and bass settings so you can do what you want with your favorite songs.
The remote control controls zune completely and accurately.It connects to the entertainment system via component video.The dynamic picture it shows is great and really adds to your sound system.
When I watch a movie, I connect it to get a wider range of sounds.I highly recommend this product.Even if you don't have zune, I would even recommend this unit, which has auxiliary input for any sound device.Every penny is worth it!-The IM414 features a stylish and advanced design that complements your contemporary lifestyle.
Sufficient capacity to provide adequate supportrange, full-The IM414 makes a strong sound in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, which runs using three AAA batteries (not included) to power the device up to 24 hours.For those times when you don't want to worry about battery life, the iM414 includes AC adapters for uninterrupted playback performance.Im414 is really a great property for my Zune.
The sound is amazing for such a small and economical product.Very easy to operate.I love that my satellite radio is plugged directly into im414 and there is no need to use a stereo amp to benefit from my home radio.It can also be used with Zune.Satellite radio needs to carry an antenna with you.
-The ZLive nsplib docking speaker system makes it easy to share your favorite music.The device is connected to all Zune players via a certified connection.You can also connect to any MP3 player, mobile phone or video game console via line input.
When using the remote control, control the music from the opposite side of the room and benefit from the room-Fill the sound from the acoustic calibrated stereo speaker.After searching for a stop for the new Zunes I just bought for my two girls Christmas, I finally found this through Amazon (everything is for me-Pods ...oyyyy).I did come across an extra stop at Best Buy for $99 but saw bad reviews on the Internet.
I was very surprised at the clarity and volume of such a small box.As others have pointed out, it is not Bose stereo and you will use it for a grand party, but will definitely serve your kitchen or bedroom.My girls like them very much.I paid $59.It's just before Christmas, but now it's $47.
99, I was frustrated because I couldn't return them because they were opened and used and would spend the difference saved on the return.Still, I think these things are really worth the price.$59.99 or $47.99.-D
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