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by:Winbridge      2019-08-30
If you're thinking of the best dance party songs ever, the list will never end.In this article, however, we only mentioned a few of the most popular songs...So you 've made all the arrangements for the party and are now trying to decide which songs you should have the DJ play.
There are hundreds of songs for your dance party.The problem is that you can only choose some at the party.When choosing the best dance party songs, there is no need for your friends or all the people who will be attending to get familiar with them.
You can choose any song that has a good beat and can make people dance.Dance party songs are not essential only for trance or technical songs.A modified version of rock and hip hop songs can also be used as a good dance party song.
Yeah -Temperature -Get Busy -Sandstorm -Blue (bottom of the bus )-Too much ParadiseMove Your BodyMacarena -We like parties.Prosperity and prosperity-Joe Cotton EyeNot lying hips-Low -Wake Me Up Before You GoWaiting for Tonight-Let's speak out-Jenny From The BlockWho put the dog out?Let's start.My Humps -Pump It -Don't rush with my heartMamma Mia -Dancing Queen -Billie Jean -Dangerous -Rainy man-Smack That -Akon feat.
Mambo 5Glamorous -Fergie feat.
Shake Your Bon-We are champions-Fergalicious -Fergie feat.Will.i.What Is Love -Lose Yourself -No matter when and whereI will survive.Heaven -Dr.Jones -Rock DJ -Rompe -Gasolina -It\'s My Life -Dr.
Bootylicious -La Bamba -In Da Club -Music -Jump -Un Dos Tres -She Bangs -Hot Hot Hot -Miracle -Intergalactic -Dirrty -Vogue -Native of New York-Coconut -Umbrella -Funkin to JamaicaShake Your BodySexyback -I'm so excited.Rock the Boat -Start party-Shame -That's who you are-I Want Candy -Turn the Beat Around-Really crazy.Who's from Zoomin?-Don't Stop Music-Funky Town -This is just a small part of the best dance party song ever.
Playing these songs at your party will definitely make the party enjoyable.Have a blast!
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