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Yikes!You have just been scheduled to develop a program for your next company function.Maybe this is a trade show.Maybe this is a meeting.It may be a company meeting or a product release.Whatever happens, your show will stand up or fall --The audience -Purpose of the meeting-Theme of the meeting-The purpose of the audience and the meeting will determine the theme, which will determine who your speaker should be.
"But David, shouldn't we hire the biggest name-the speaker with the biggest" star appeal?Not necessarily.If the main purpose of your speaker is to attract the audience, then you want one of your locations to have the potential to get the biggest names-Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Nicole Kidman or the formerPresident.However, you still need many other speakers.
Star attraction is a powerful factor, but there are more important factors: how well does he or she know about the topic you need to discuss?Usually, an expert who is respected but absolutely "not famous" is better than someone in Hollywood.You can get to know the speakers by checking their biographies online.For example, here is the online bio of jackie Joyner Kersee.
Can speakers learn how to understand your audience?This is important because the speaker may have spoken to a similar audience.Or he may be willing to take the time to find out who your audience is and what their experience is.Or maybe not.Ask a key question...\ "Will you arrive early to find out what has already happened in our event so you can incorporate it into your presentation?"Then write it into the speaker's contract.
How did the speaker speak?This is important because the most famous person who has just discovered a cure for cancer or won more than a dozen gold medals at the Olympics may not say an understandable word.Make sure that well-known speakers or recognized experts speak very well.Ask to watch real videos in real speeches.
Better yet, test drive with speakers.
Please attend the upcoming speech.
What is the speaker's speaking style?Not every speaker is suitable for your audience.Some viewers and some topics call for a dynamic inspirational style.Others ask for more information.Some viewers will have a better reaction to a laid-off person.
back style.
It is certain that no matter what kind of person the audience is, boredom does not exist, but there are different styles that can attract the audience, but not all styles can work with each audience.You can call for reference...References with similar audience features.Then call to ask what is going well and what can be improved.
If things are not going well, it may be a sign that the speaker is not ideal, or it may be a sign of what you need to do to make sure she or he is ideal.Is the speaker willing to provide an outline of the speech in advance?It is important that you know what the speaker will cover and make suggestions if necessary.This is your project and you know what needs to be covered.
Is the speaker willing to walk an extra mile?Sometimes, the best speakers will promise to answer questions from shy participants or long-term participants within an hour of the end of the eventGas or morepart questions.Or a speaker, especially someone who is already in good health.As we all know, when people enter the hall, they can add value by greeting them.
Or maybe they can also add some excitement to the spouse's program.Of course, the budget is always important.If you need to pay for a dozen speakers with a limited budget, don't try to book a DrOne of your locations, Phil.
The Bureau of speakers can help you solve many of these problems, faster and more effective than yourself.Once you know your concerns and questions, the presenter Bureau can quickly identify the speakers who are most likely to meet your needs and respond to your needs.If you want your audience to leave and feel like they get something out of the event, it's crucial to choose the right speaker.
Take the time to ask the right questions and hire the right speaker.Author Profile: David Leonard is a freelance writer and marketing consultant.He works with all US sports spokesmen, gmg Olympians, sports spokesmen, celebrity health links, medical experts and product spokesmen.
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