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by:Winbridge      2019-10-14
One of the most common principles of constructing humorous situations is three rules.Because it's simple, you'll see it used over and over again.It's powerful and works fine (see what I just did in nonInteresting situation ).
In humor, three rules are used most of the time in the following ways: the first comment naming the subject, the second setting mode, and the third accidentally changing the interesting mode.Here are a few examples in the brochure promoting my workshop: "How to Get There ";* From Washington DCC.take Rt.50 ...* Take Rt from Baltimore, Maryland.95 ...Asian airlines from Bangkok, Thailand...Take the red line by subway...Take a bus to New York Avenue....* Take a ship to Chesapeake Bay and in front of a group I might point to an audience and say that you can make a difference in your company.
[Pointing to the next person] you can make a difference in your department.[Point to the third fun person] you can [pause] Not everyone can do it.Three rules are also used when constructing a bitter (see bit article ).
Three jokes or one.
The padding on a theme is enough to increase the audience, but not enough to bore them with the theme.Don't forget that the three rules areIt's also interesting.Even Honest Abe Lincoln used it twice in Gettysburg speech: "We can't give.
We cannot give.
We cannot seal this land;The government of the people, the government of the people, because the people will not perish from the Earth.30 days of public speaking training for just $5.00!Audio training 350 video, 250 articles, tons!Tom Antion offers interesting lectures and educational seminars.
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