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by:Winbridge      2019-09-06
This article will tell you all about the dual band router.Please consider your requirements and purpose of use carefully before purchasing, as the connectivity of the device depends on this.Using a dual-band router at home or in the office will provide you with an excellent level of wireless connectivity, which you can use on many devices to access the Internet.
The wireless router has a predetermined range, and any device in that range can access the network as long as there is an access key.In many different cases, routers have become very important devices because they allow multiple devices to connect to the network simultaneously over a wireless network.This affects bandwidth speed to some extent, but its practicality is beyond doubt.
In addition, as long as the device to be connected is within the specified range, you can access the said network without being close to the router or connecting wires.However, buying a router is not a simple task.This is because the types of it available are different, and one of the types that is so complex is a dual-band router.
Before we discuss the details, it is important to know exactly what they are and how they work.These work mainly on two frequencies.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.The dual-band router is a device that operates on both frequencies, thus providing more flexibility for users.And, 5.Since simple household appliances are also running on 2, the 0 GHz frequency is not that cluttered.
4 GHz frequency.
So the good thing about using it is that you get less confusion in the network, which has a lot of advantages.One thing you have to know, however, is that this frequency is not faster than 2.4 GHz frequency.Wireless standards operating worldwide are called 802.
There are 11 criteria, 4 of which are different variants.802 is yours.11/B & 802.11/g, is a single band router running on 2.4 GHz frequency.Then 802.11/a standard for running on 5.0 GHz frequency, and finally 802.The 11/n standard router runs on both frequencies and we're talking about that here.
These are handy for people who do online games and file streams.The reason for this is when the device finds 2.The 4 GHz frequency becomes cluttered and it moves to 5 GHz.
The frequency of 0 GHz, so as to maintain its speed.Please note that it does not provide a higher speed, it just prevents the utilization of a lower speed due to confusion.With this in mind, here are some of the best wireless routers you can buy today.
It is also highly desirable to purchase a USB port and Ethernet port.The price of these routers depends on many factors, but they are naturally more expensive than routers in a single band.It is important to choose a device based on your needs and your expected usage of wireless Internet access, so that you do not lack bandwidth and do not have to face slow issues.
Some of the factors you need to consider before choosing the best dual-band wireless router are as follows.Picking the best simultaneous dual-band router is not an easy thing to do and will require a lot of research before you buy it
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