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Looking for a wireless router that can match the brand new MacBook Pro, right?Equipped with the latest 802.11ac network standard, which is the best series of routers, can provide extremely fast data transmission speed in the home or office network.Go to the latest 802.The 11ac standard router guarantees data transmission speeds up to 1.
3 Gbps.
Modern people have four basic needs, including food, clothing, accommodation and wireless network.Fi.Seamless integration across devices is becoming more and more important, Wi-As a life, Fi technology has become system.The 802 wireless router technology has gone through the latest regeneration cycle.
11ac networking standard (.
a 5G Wi-Fi), provided about 2.
Compared with the previous 802, the data transmission speed is 5 times faster.11n standard.In addition to the speed increase, the new standard also allows up to eight transmission antennas in the router, and works entirely in the 5 Ghz frequency range, which in essence is unlikely to be large-Scale interference.Beam forming technology that provides directional signal transmission is an additional function to improve data transmission speed by optimizing signal strength.
So with the brand new MacBook Pro or iMac, it's time to upgrade to a new router and create a ubiquitous wireless network that lets you share your data seamlessly and connect to the Internet.After extensive analysis of the real-world performance and specifications of a range of routers available on the market, those that stand out are especially suitable for Mac users, here areAll of this is based on the new 802.maximum of 1.The data transfer speed of 3 Gbps is actually over 300 Mb per second.
This is a substantial dec-The previous 150 provides a speed of 802 Mbps.11n standard.All the equipment under review is backward compatible with previous standards;However, in order to make the most of the new standard, you need a Mac and other devices with a 802-based wireless adapter.11ac standard.The latest MacBook Pro and iMac as well as many highHigh-end smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy S4 have 802.
11ac chipset and adapter.
This Asus product is what you want.
Up to 1 at the same time.
3 Gbps speed on the 5 GHz band, through 802.11ac standard, which provides transmission speeds up to 600 Mbps on 2.4 Ghz band.Internally, it is uniquely equipped with Broadcom BCM4709 chipset and dualThe core Arm Cortex A9 processor has 800 MB of RAM and a clock frequency of 256 MHz.
Broadcom turbocam technology provides a boost to the speed of 802.11n transfers 33%, up to 600 Mbps.It is backwards compatible with all the earlier standards (802.11 a/b/g).The device weighs only 640 gm and has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB ports for file and printer sharing.
It is equipped with a media server that supports multiple video and audio formats.The router can be either a printer server or a Samba and FTP server.In terms of encryption, in addition to other options such as wpa2-the device offers WPA2 enterprise level supportPSK.
A small feature worth mentioning is the option to turn off the LED lights when you need a completely dark room.The AiDisk feature allows easy sharing of data from connected storage devices via an FTP server.AiCloud software allows remote users to share network data.
Although you can set up two main Wi-The Fi network for each band, you can set up three additional networks for each band for guest users.In addition, it also provides built-inVPN connection for home users and parental control functions.The real-world speed provided by the router on the 5 GHz band is close to 530 Mbps, while providing a maximum speed of about 200 Mbps when switching to WirelessN network.
It is ideal for high-definition video streaming across networks, and its range of features make it a versatile device that can be used for a variety of purposes.The only downside is its price, which is a bit expensive and it's not a wall --mountable.There is no doubt that this is one of the most powerful routers at the moment and can effectively act as your complete wireless sharing management solution.
Its additional features such as built-inIn VPN and cloud sharing, make it an effective choice for small businesses and advanced users who will benefit from their personal cloud services.for you.This is Cupertino hotel in a stylish and simple designThe company has its own wireless network solution, equipped with powerful equipment, which can transmit data throughout the Apple ecosystem through the upgraded 802.11ac chipset.Of all the routers reviewed here, it has a natural advantage because it is specifically designed to work with iOS and Mac OS X devices.
So Mac users will find this router the easiest to install.It is also designed to be compatible with Windows pc and can connect up to 50 users.In terms of specifications, since the previous version, there has been no change except that the transmission speed provided by the new network standard has tripled.
Your Mac has a local software program called AirPort utility that can help you set up this router easily.It provides file sharing, port forwarding, dynamic DNS, and USB hard disk sharing.802 real world transmission speed.It is reported that the 11ac band is close to 280 Mbps, which can meet the needs of most home users.
The much-Through the connected USB hard drive, this device misses the media streaming device that is needed very much.There is no parental control facility or VPN connection.All in all, the router is ideal for home users and the Apple ecosystem needs a simple oneto-Install the system to provide powerful data transfer speed in the range of 280 Mbps.
The name of the NETGEAR Nighthawk comes directly from spy novels and is an excellent performer.At the same time doubleband (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) devices with speeds up to 431 Mbps (real world) on 802.11ac mode, one of the most important featuresThe market is rich in products.
Powered by 1 GHz dual power supplyIt is equipped with two USB 3, core processor, 128 MB flash memory and 256 mb ram.0 ports and a USB 2.Port 0 in addition to 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports.This router is especially good-For gamers with upstream and downstream QoS, smooth video streaming can be achieved.
Those who like LAN games will be happy with this lagFree game performance from the device.It is equipped with a powerful detachable antenna that can provide an extended range for users looking for a wider coverage area.The complete VPN facility makes it ideal for businesses that need remote sharing.
The only disappointing factor is the low throughput on 2.4 GHz band, about 230 Mbps.But consider the switching option of 5 GHz 802.The 11ac band, which is not a big drawback.
In addition to this, another notable feature is that it acts as a NAS (network-Additional storage) server.For Mac users, it offers the added advantage of using Time Machine to support automatic backup.This product is a great choice for gamers and for long term playersHigh throughput range devices are available.
In terms of versatility, it actually competes with Asus products.Compared to earlier versions, this D-The Link router is dualWith equipment, upgrade with 802.11ac network standard.Its main USP is easy to install and has excellent throughput on 2.
4 GHz band and good speed on 5 GHz band.
Its QoS features are programmed to prioritize data traffic for optimal throughput.AC smartbeam technology provides targeted signal transmission for the device, greatly improving the speed.Apps available on IOS and Android platforms.
It provides simple personal cloud storage access through the mydlink SharePort app, while the mydlink Lite app provides access to home camera feeds via iOS or Android smartphones.While these applications are a great innovation, they are poorly executed.While performance is poor compared to other routers, it is in terms of 802.
11ac data transmission speed, at 802.
Before 11n, it had some of the best speeds (about 170 Mbps in the 5 GHz band and about 60 Mbps in the 2 band ).4 GHz band).This is not an excellent performance, but it will do the job and it is a good choice within the price range offered.If you're looking for oneThis is a cheap device.
This TRENDnet product is a budget choice for the entire batch and is ideal for home users looking for a simple wireless network solution that offers highSpeed of data transmission.The throughput on 260 is about 802 Mbps.About 190 Mbps wireless Internet access at 11 AC, 5 GHz-N range, 53 Mbps on 2.4 GHz wireless-N range, make it outstanding in this price range.
DVD installation is easy and pre-installedIn addition to providing a one-click connection to the network, the WPS button is used for encryption.The most affordable option, it offers a high speed experience of 802 kilometers.11ac is known for its excellent Wireless throughputN network.
This is ideal for a small home network and offers real value for money at this price.When choosing a router, there is no need to stick to the Apple pedigree by default, although AirPort Extreme is an awesome device.More or less, each of these devices meets the requirements because choosing the best router for your home or wireless network is the purpose of your search.
Perhaps, depending on your budget and your specific requirements, you can find a feature in it that suits your needs., for its all-Round performance
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