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Since the birth of the computer, various advances have taken place, leading to the development of a better computer.Related hardware and software.Keyboard is no exception.A keyboard is a device that is used to input data into different devices (such as desktop computers, telephones, laptops.Although the main function of the keyboard is to input data, different types of keyboards exist and they provide different functions.
Initially, there was little change in the type of keyboard produced.Slowly, however, manufacturers are beginning to notice the need to roll out keyboards suitable for different market segments.This has led to a huge change in the keyboard, some of which are still very popular even today.
Although standard keyboards are the most basic form of keyboards, they may change slightly, especially the way keys are placed.The keyboard is the most common, the first line has six letters Q, W, E, R, T and Y, whereas in the Azerbaijani keyboard the letters are replaced by A, Z, e, R, T, and Y of the first line.The keyboard is mainly used in French countries.
Although the standard keyboards have changed dramatically in design over the last 20 years, their basic layout is still similar.The average number of keys on a normal keyboard is 105, although some older versions of the keys are 95-103.Ergonomics refers to the study of ways to reduce muscle pressure to avoid repetitive strain.
It mainly involves optimizing posture and techniques while working, so work can be done in the simplest way with minimal pressure on any muscle, joint or organ.This is a radical keyboard designed to prevent wrist tube syndrome that can cause numbness and tingling in the hands and fingers after long typing.As a whole, a set of keys is divided into such a way that the angle at which the user places the wrist to type is the least stressful.
In the form of separate pieces, each piece has a set of keys so that users can set the angle according to their own convenience.As the name suggests, these keyboards do not need to be connected to the computer via a wire.This makes it very convenient for users to use the keyboard comfortably.
Connect to the computer.
External power is required for all wireless keyboards to work properly.The power supply comes from 2 or 3 aa or aaa batteries in most models.The rare model may have an attached battery that can be charged with the help of a USB cable.
In addition to this, all three types use the transceiver, which is connected to the port on the computer and maintains the connection between the computer and the keyboard.The wireless keyboard is a Bluetooth keyboard.These keyboards are connected using Bluetooth technology and therefore have an optimal range of about 30 feet.
In addition, they are compatible with other devices that support Bluetooth technology.The RF (RF) keyboard has only a limited range of about 6 feet, but is much cheaper than the Bluetooth keyboard and much more effective than the infrared keyboard.The latest model RF keyboard has no problems such as frequency interference, which may be the best option if you don't need more than 5 feet degrees of freedom.
The infrared (IR) keyboard has a big drawback.They need to line up-of-See the transceiver.This makes it very difficult to use this keyboard effectively, and it is almost impossible to use the mouse of this technology.
Although they are not as expensive as Bluetooth keyboards and have a proper range of about 12 feetof-This type of vision problem is very ineffective.The compact keyboard is very small and usually does not have a digital keyboard on the right side of the other keyboard.These are usually used for laptops, where the size problem makes it difficult to accommodate a standard keyboard.
To make up for the small size, these keyboards rely on the use of multiple keys to achieve the function of using only one key on a standard keyboardsized keyboard.Some models also include touchPad can be used instead of the mouse.The compact keyboard is not small in size, but provides portability during travel and storage.
Another benefit of a compact keyboard is that certain people with disabilities can use them, which prevents them from using their hands and fingers effectively.The Internet is one of the main reasons why most people use computers now.The Internet keyboard has special keys, called hotkeys, which perform functions related to Internet use.
Typical hotkeys have features like back, forward, bookmark list, email etcEmail inbox, Google search, YouTube, online shopping, etc.This makes it very convenient to browse the internet because users do not have to click the button through the mouse.Nowadays, many standard keyboards adopt the concept of Internet keyboards, putting Internet hotkeys on top because almost every job requires the use of the Internet.
As the name implies, the game keyboard is specially designed for players.They include features designed to enhance the gaming experience and provide ease of use.They include functions such as volume control, key lighting, programmable keys, switchable keys, touch screens for custom keyboards, etc.
Built-in joystick, etc.
For example, first-The shooting game requires the arrow keys to be placed in a way that does not cause repeated pressure on the fingers and wrists.The game keyboard has a variety of shapes and sizes, from the round keyboard to the v-But this is mainly a marketing gimmick to attract players.Many game keyboards are designed for specific types of games.
A virtual keyboard is a software device that can input data like a hardware keyboard.They are open as an app and can be controlled via mouse or touch screen.They are mainly used for devices that do not necessarily require a keyboard, such as a tablet or smartphone.
They help reduce the size of the device and are therefore very useful.In cases involving security, the virtual keyboard is also used because anything entered on the normal keyboard is recorded in the key log.This will result in security risks associated with passwords or PIN numbers.
That's why many banks offer virtual keyboards in online banking.This is some information about different types of keyboards.Depending on your requirements, you can select any of the above keyboards.
When choosing a keyboard, remember that the most important thing is comfort
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