the best wireless microphone Home Theater Speaker Placement

by:Winbridge      2019-09-12
If you want to make the most of the home theater sound system, you need to know the acoustics.Here are some tips on the location of the Speaker to enhance the experience.There cannot be a specific speaker arrangement to provide the best performance.
The home theater system is usually composed of a central speaker, two surround speakers, a left front speaker and a right front speaker.Some also include an optional sixth speaker called a subwoofer.This speaker is used to listen to the movie dialogue.
Putting it in the center of the TV is the best place for this speaker.In order to make better use of acoustics, make sure that the speakers and TV are facing the area where the audience is going to sit, so that the sound will be straight toward the audience.These speakers are designed to optimize the experience of hearing effects and background music in the movie.
The distance between these speakers and the audience should be the same as the distance between the central speaker and the audience.If you are planning to watch a movie with a large group of people, please align the left front and right front speakers with the central speakers.They should be in a straight line, completely parallel to the front-row audience.
If you're going to watch a movie alone in the home theater, put the two on your respective sides such a semi-circular C-These three parts will form a forming arc.Ideally, the distance between the front left and front right speakers should be around 6 feet.Another detail you should consider when placing these speakers is that the front left and front right speakers should maintain an angle of about 45 ° with the central audience.
Surround sound speakers create a sound envelope around the audience, which makes them feel like they are almost part of the movie.For the best experience, please put them behind the main seating area, about 3 feet higher than the audience's ear height.Put these speakers on the side wall if possible.
Place them using bracketsxa0Near the side wall.The speaker produces low-frequency sound waves and is responsible for producing bass.The trick to determining the position of this Speaker is that the audience should not judge the position of this speaker only from the sound.
If the audience canxa0Guess the location of the sound, which means the volume of the subwoofer is set too high.Ideally, two subwoofer should be used, one in front of the audience and one in the back.While this design will give you a pretty good performance, you have to keep in mind that different rooms and different devices have different acoustic effects.
Only with the correct combination of room acoustics and design can you experience the best performance of home theater.So, taking into account the above design as a reference, you can try other locations and determine the one that best suits you.If you have time, you can evaluate the acoustic effects of different rooms.
Usually, the room you use for your home theater is not too large;The bedroom is generally suitable for home theater.Once you 've completed all the arrangements and combinations and placed the device in the best position, sit down and enjoy the movie
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