the best wireless microphone How Does a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Work?

by:Winbridge      2019-09-02
With the emergence of new wireless communication technologies, many wired devices have been transformed into wireless devices.Among these wireless devices, wireless keyboard and mouse are widely used.The mechanism of the wireless keyboard and mouse is not as complicated as you think.
It only involves the basic concept of wireless technology, that is, some data is transmitted from one device in the air, and the same data is retrieved by another device.The wireless keyboard and wireless mouse are portable and very useful, especially when you have to do some powerpoint presentations in the office.We don't even have to compromise on efficiency.
These devices are very compatible and work very precisely.The wireless keyboard and mouse work with a rechargeable battery.Let's start with the work of these wireless devices.
The work of the wireless keyboard is very simple.If you take a wired keyboard as an example, the keyboard is directly connected to the computer, which receives the signal from the keyboard through the cable.But what happens with the wireless keyboard?The medium of transmission of the signal is through infrared or radio frequency (RF ).
The basic situation to learn here is that data from the keyboard (transmitter) is transmitted to the computer via USB (Universal Serial Bus), which acts as a receiver and receives signals from the keyboard.The wireless keyboard also works with Bluetooth technology, which has a wider range than infrared.The infrared keyboard, which does not have a wide range, works within the sight range of the computer.
This means that the infrared keyboard cannot be used far away from the computer.(IC) a chip in a computer that receives all the information from the keyboard and transmits it to the computer's operating system (OS ).The data encoded by the keyboard is processed and decoded in the CPU (central processing unit) and displayed in the monitor of the computer.
Each letter on the keyboard has code.
For example, the code for T is U 0054.
There are two main components of the optical keyboard-.These two elements are embedded in the printed circuit board (PCB.LEDs work using the principle of "electrolight" and photoelectric sensors "detecting light from any device.
Horizontal and vertical beams are emitted from LEDs and received by sensors.These beams are blocked by the prompt keys on the keyboard, so specific keys are recognized.The image of the key in the Laser Keyboard is projected or displayed on a plane.
But how is it done?This is an infrared sensor.The core of the virtual interface processing is the sensor chip that detects the location of the startup key..Like any wireless device, the wireless mouse has two basic Main components.
The RF wireless mouse and Bluetooth wireless mouse work the same as the wireless keyboard.Other components of the wireless mouse are the mouse controller, Ceramic Capacitor, 26.690 MHz crystal for transmission.The mouse has a standby mode that is transmitted only when you do an action, such as a click.
The computer has a printed circuit that contains all the data of the mouse.The basic component of the optical mouse is the light transmitter (LED light) and the light sensor (CMOS sensor ).The red light emitted by the red LED is used to track the movement of the mouse.
CMOS sensors are used to capture images of mouse movement.(DSP).The DSP analyzes the pattern of each image sent by CMOS and checks how these images change compared to the previous one.Mark the pattern of mouse movement on the coordinate axis.
Monitor mouse movements and capture images with great precision, thus providing smooth movement of the cursor on the screen.Like the pixel in the phone, it is used to provide a good resolution to the image.The optical mouse uses an image resolution of 400 to 800 DPI.
The laser mouse works almost the same as the optical mouse, with little difference.Detect the movement of the mouse.The wireless keyboard and mouse are important input parts of the computer.There are products on the market that suit your computer.
Buy the best and love to work with it!.
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