the best wireless microphone How to Make Speaker Boxes

by:Winbridge      2019-09-10
Well-The built-in speakers provide music and sound in a non-destructive manner.Here are some information on how to make a good speaker.Good quality-The built-in speakers play music with the best bass and sound.
They are easy to make and can be used in cars and in your home.When making such a box, you need to consider the thickness of the shell material.Wood is the most popular, but it is very heavy.
The weight of the pellet board is light, three-A coin in inches thick.Purchase pellet boards or wood based on the size of the box you will be making.Speaker driver, Wood/pellet board, wood glue, silicone, carpet, fiberglass and screws.
Choose the driver according to the size of the speaker you want to make.The latter must be slightly larger than the former.Since sound vibrates well in particle boards, particle boards are often preferred.
Top, bottom, sides, back and front require six pieces of wood.Cut a circle for the drive, insert the drive into the front panel and screw it in place.Drill holes on the plate where the screws are to be installed.
Connect the sides of the box together with a screwdriver.To tighten the plate, select the screw with no thread at the top.Cover the front of the speaker with a black cloth to hide the internal drivers and accessories.
Stick the speaker cloth to the wood or nail it to the wood.Drill a hole in the back panel.Through this hole you can connect the drive to the outside of the box.This will help you insert the box into the socketBoards on the wall.
Even if the sides of the box are screwed together, glue them together with adhesive, so that they are tightly bound together.Add braces or small wedges to the box so that the sound remains stable and does not vibrate from the side.These wedges help the sound move freely in the box.
Fill the speakers with silicone to avoid air leakage.For heat insulation, fill with Poly or fiberglass.It also improved.xa0Sound quality.The quantity required depends on the sound quality and type you want.
Cardboard, jigsaw puzzle, power drill, lower screw drill, router, sandpaper, razor blade, spray glue, screw, silicone, welding gun, solder and carpet.With templates and pencils, the dimensions of the box, six faces, center partitions and cardboard are fully tracked.This will design the pattern of the speaker.
Use the jigsaw puzzle to cut the pattern on the cardboard.After cutting the tracking, make the pattern where the subwoofer will be installed.Use the frame of the speaker grill to track the exterior and interior parts of the subwoofer frame, where you will put the speakers.
Use the router to route the cardboard area between internal and external holes.The Speaker should be flush with the board.Create a 2 inch round hole on each side plate of the box.
After wiring the holes, smooth them with sandpaper.Assemble the box using screws, nuts and washers.Do not assemble the front of the box.Use silicone on all edges to avoid air leakage.
Stick the carpet to the whole box.
Spray glue on the back of the box and carpet and stick the carpet to it.Paste the carpet on the front panel and keep the speakers outside.The blade using the speaker connector cuts out a hole.
Install the speaker connector and seal it with silicone.Welding wires for subwoofer, speakers, wires and connectors.This will ensure that the wires remain connected to the speakers.
Connect the front panel to the box and push the speaker into the box.Finally, the grill is attached.The above method will help you build speakers without spending too much money and energy.You can enjoy your feet now.Tap music in the comfort of your home
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