the best wireless microphone How to Secure a Linksys Wireless Router

by:Winbridge      2019-09-08
If you are looking for a guide to secure your Linksys wireless router, you have logged on to the correct page.Here I will tell you the whole process.You need to set it up correctly before protecting the Linksys wireless router.To set up the wireless network, it must first be connected in series with the modem connected to the Internet highway.
I assume you have connected the router to the modem and can configure it now.To do this, you must first configure the router to connect to the PC using the Ethernet cable that comes with the router.For this purpose, use any port on the router except for LAN or WLAN connections.
Switches on routers and computers.
Then follow the instructions below.
To access the configuration settings of the wireless router and implement security measures, you need to type the address in your browser.This address is different for routers of different brands.Connect to the internet on your PC and type the following URL-\'http://192.
This will open the Settings menu for the router.After entering the address and clicking enter, one pops up-Open the window and ask for the login name and password.Enter "admin" in the password window and leave the login box blank before clicking the "Enter" button.
After opening the Settings page, click the Internet settings tab.For maximum security, it is best to choose a static IP address.You must enter all IP address details specific to your ISP.
It will include the subnet mask address, Gateway address, and IP address.Enable the DHCP server in the network settings below and set the maximum number of DHCP users.Then, click the wireless tab and make changes in the basic wireless settings.
Selecting the network mode as "hybrid" will allow devices that work using different wireless network standards (a, B, g, n.Change the SSID name from Linksys to another name for security reasons.If wireless SSID broadcasting is disabled, that would be the best.
Next, click on the wireless security settings tab to enable the WPA2 personal encryption standard.This is the best one at the moment.You can also choose WAP as the encryption standard, but WPA2 is recommended.Enable MAC filter settings for the wireless router to limit access to the network.
Only devices with MAC addresses included in the router MAC list can access the Internet over the network.You need to add the MAC address of the connected device to the network.You can restrict access to certain addresses, or you can allow only some addresses to log in.
Click edit MAC address filter list to add or delete addresses.It is important to change the administrator password for security reasons.Change the router password by clicking manage settings.
Also, disable the remote management feature.Save the settings and close the browser window.Changing passwords regularly is a good practice.
If you follow the simple steps listed above, you can rest assured that your wireless network will not be hacked
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