the best wireless microphone Which Wireless Speakers to Buy: Bluetooth or AirPlay?

by:Winbridge      2019-09-10
Today, most of us collect music on smartphones or tablets.If you like playing music out loud, it's worth buying wireless speakers to improve the audio quality of your tracks.At Techspirited, we can help you to purchase the right wireless speakers.
Clio of ClearView audio is the first built-in the world-Connect in Bluetooth.These speakers provide the sound experience of Jingdong.Today, the smartphone has enough memory space to hold all your media files.
However, the quality of the built-in speakers is not very good and most of us are forced to listen to music with headphones.However, as a useful accessory for smartphones, wireless speakers are becoming more and more popular.For wireless audio transmission from any device, you have the option to purchase Bluetooth-Enabled or AirPlay-Enable speakers.
Let's take a brief look at the significant differences between these two audio streaming technologies.This wireless streaming audio technology allows you to connect your device to AirPlay-Speakers are enabled to play music.You only need one Wi for this-The connection to your home.
AirPlay uses this Wi-The Fi network transfers files from iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes (from Mac or PC) to wireless speakers.Due to the use of the home network, the proximity between the device and the speaker is not a problem.When your music is still playing, you can use the device to roam around your house.
However, you have to be careful not to step out of Wi-Fi coverage.You can add multiple devices to AirPlay;However, your music will stream from one device at a time, which means playing only one device's music at a time.AirPlay is only available for Apple products;So you can't connect your Android device to these speakers.
Another drawback of this technology is the reliance on Wi-Fi network, which makes the speaker notmobile, i.e., Can not be used outside your home.When you play music directly from iTunes or any other music app, a time difference is introduced.This time difference is due to the buff of the song, which can be frustrating if you skip the track.
The technology uses Apple's Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC) to ensure that the audio quality of the track does not drop.The technology has been around for a long time and is actually available on every mobile device.Unlike AirPlay, BluetoothThe enabled speakers are "paired" with the smartphone/tablet to play music.
Music files are transferred directly to the speaker without router support.Bluetooth-thanks to this feature-The enabled speakers are portable and can be used anywhere.Of course there is a distance limit to this technology.
In general, in order to play uninterrupted music, the distance between the speaker and the paired device cannot exceed 30 feet.However, depending on the interference factor and the speaker function, this distance may vary.This technology allows oneon-A relationship between the device and the speaker.
However, if you need to add more devices, depending on the speaker, you may need to disconnect the first device in order to play music from the other device.These speakers are also compatible with Apple devices.However, you cannot play music directly from your iTunes library.
The time difference introduced in AirPlay speakers does not exist in these speakers.A few high-The end model offers an external microphone, which means the device can double as a speaker!It is important to note that all wireless speakers have wired inputs.So you can connect the headset to the speaker and listen to the high-quality music.
Despite the rich audio quality of the AirPlay speakers, they only support Apple devices.Therefore, the range of devices you can use is limited.But Bluetooth-All mobile devices are supported by enabled speakers, so you can choose to insertIn Android or Apple devices.
If the limit of transmission range is ignored, Bluetooth-Speakers are strongly recommended to be enabled.But for Apple loyal users who swear never to use Android devices, please continue to let yourself play AirPlay.My vote is Bluetooth.Wireless speakers are supported
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