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by:Winbridge      2019-09-09
The slow speed of the Internet or zero signal strength can be attributed to some of the problems that the wireless router may encounter.The story tells about such problems and their trouble-shooting.Today, wireless Internet access is available in every business institution, university, shopping mall, and even residential apartment.
Fi zones.
Here, any Wi-Fi compatible systems and sufficient permissions to access the Internet.However, users often complain about various problems in the services provided, and most of the time the wireless router is the culprit.Router problems are very common and if enough knowledge is taught, there is an easy way to detect them.
As the name implies, the wireless router is basically a routing device.e.It manages the forwarding and acceptance of packets.There are radio transmitters and receivers that send and receive modulated radio signals.
The circuit converts the electronic signal into a radio signal, and the complementary circuit converts the radio into an electronic signal.With a variety of technologies adopted by the wireless router, there are many problems and troubles almost at the same time.Let's continue to see what these issues are and how they can be addressed.
This is one of the most common setup problems encountered when just setting up the connection.This may be due to issues related to the card slot or USB adapter in the PC.In most cases, it should be helpful to disassemble and reconnect the adapter.
If not, try uninstalling or reinstalling the adapter using Device Manager.If the adapter is displayed in the available networks list but the connection cannot be established, update or reinstall the driver using the properties panel.Also, check for some obvious negligence by verifying that the client's wireless adapter status is enabled.
If the name of the router does not appear, enable "SSID broadcast" in the device settings ".Alternatively, manually enter the network name into the client's preferred connection list.Make sure it matches the name exactly as it is case-sensitive.
If the adapter status shows "not connected", go to "view available network" and click "connect" after selecting the wireless network ".Some installation issues need to be reconfigured.If the network name does not appear in this list or you are unable to connect, try to re-Configure the router as a server connection using the device's Configuration Manual.
Ping is a way to send a message to another computer on the network to see if the message can arrive.Go to the command prompt, type "ping", and then type the IP address of the machine you want to check.In this way, you can use another computer to ensure the correct connection of the machine, which you know has a reliable connection.
If the ping fails, this can be a problem specific to the wireless device.Use the management utility to view the wireless LAN settings and match them with the wireless connection settings of the client.Both the router and the client must be 802.
11 standard compatible.
If the client machine is 802.
11b, the router must be 11b, g, or n, and B g protection must be enabled on the 11g router.802 of the cases.11 a client, it is necessary to use the 11 a router.In the case of doubleWith a router, you can configure both ends to use 11b/g, a, or both.
The most common complaint is speed.
The main reason may be interference because the router is working in 2.Microwaves, wireless phones, garage door remotes, and some other wireless devices also use the 5 GHz band.If you try to close these, there will definitely be improvements.
Uh oh!You're in trouble!Haha, just kidding.It is very simple to get out of trouble.A reset button is provided on the back of the router chassis.It's just a small hole in which you can insert a pin tip and keep pressing the reset button for about 3 to 5 seconds.
But now, all settings are set back to the default factory settings.You can resolve security issues by resetting the configuration.In the range of the device, there may be areas where the signal strength is small or there is no signal strength.
The main reason for this problem is the placement of the device.Many times, the signal is reflected from walls, floors, or other obstacles.The best way to eliminate this problem is to use 802.
11n routers and adapters using MIMO (multi-input and multi-output) technology.It compares all the reflected signals to fill the gaps, thus connecting together and completing all the possible signals.The best way to minimize any problem is to verify the physical connection of the router and adapter.
Most connection problems occur due to improper insertion of Ethernet or WAN cables.Check the WAN connection of the router using the cable/DSL modem connected to the client and the Ethernet link.Replacing the cable will help pick out the damaged LAN cable (if any ).
Despite the introduction of technology updates and improved routers, new problems are constantly emerging due to some features related to wireless communication, which cannot be solved
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