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by:Winbridge      2019-09-07
Are you tired of being tied to a wired Internet connection?Do you want to experience the freedom to access without plug-in?If so, then write through this technique.Learn how to set up your router so you can switch to your own wireless network.Most personal electronics and gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets and laptops, are now connected over the wireless network.
So it has become very important for you to know how to build a wireless network at home/office.To do this, however, you don't need to be a computer network wizard.The only thing you need to know is how to configure the wireless router.
The modern router is easy to set up and takes only a few simple steps to get your wireless Internet connection up and working at any time.In the next section, we will discuss the setup process for a wireless router that establishes a wireless network at home.Except for some small details, the settings of the Linksys router will not be much different from those of the Netgear or Belkin router.
So here are some general instructions that are not specific to any particular brand or model and should be equally valid for almost any modern brand or modelday router.We assume you have a desktop or laptop with a built-in or USB wireless adapter, as well as a broadband Internet connection.Your modem will connect directly to the broadband Internet connection at one end and the router at the other end.
You will get Internet access via Wi-The Fi connection between the router and the computer.The first thing to do is to choose the router that suits your requirements.It is recommended that you choose a dual-band router with 802.
11n Wireless network standard as it guarantees high dataTransmission speed.It is recommended that you browse some comments on a trusted website, which will help you narrow your selection.For the best performance, you should choose the fastest "Wireless n" router, which will provide you with excellent data transfer speed.
Finally, choose a suitable location for your router (ideally the center of the building) so that it provides unified wireless internet coverage throughout the home.Now that you have the device ready, you can start the setup process.Disconnect the modem from the computer.Once the wireless network is established, your modem will not have direct contact with your computer.
Remove the modem cable connected to the back of the computer and plug it into the WAN port of the router.Turn on the modem and connect to the Internet.Use the cable that comes with the router and temporarily connect the router to the computer for configuration purposes.
Switches on routers and computers.
Make sure the modem has successfully established an Internet connection.To configure the router to connect to the computer, you must open the default browser and enter the address specified in the router manual for configuration.Linksys, Belkin, and Netgear have different configuration addresses.
Enter the address and click Enter to start setting.You will be asked to provide both "login name" and "password ".Just enter the default settings recommended in the router manual.
This will open various tabs for the configuration of the router.First, set the login name and password of the administrator.Enable WAP2 encryption to protect your network and set a new SSID name for it.
Save the changes made to the settings and close the window.Disconnect the PC to the router by removing the cable.Finally, establish a connection with the router using the network setup wizard.
Your wireless router settings should have been completed and you should be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly.Depending on your particular router model, some small details will vary.However, the entire setup process will remain the same.
Secure your wireless network to prevent unauthorized access and hacking
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