the best wireless microphone Your Keyboard Could be Dirtier than a Toilet Seat!

by:Winbridge      2019-09-02
A new report shows that the number of bacteria on certain computer keyboards in the "average" office is 150 times that of acceptable numbers.If you are having lunch now, you may want to stay for later.In fact, if you are on the computer while reading this, you should not eat!A consumer advocacy company and magazine to determine how many microorganisms can be found on a computer keyboard in a regular office.
The team looked into a "normal" London office and collected cotton swabs from 33 workers' computer keyboards, office toilet seats and bathroom door handles.The result was disgusting.The researchers found several types of errors, but they were not computer-like.S. aureus was found on several keyboards, which can cause diarrhea and various infections, including food poisoning.
A keyboard is full of bacteria, 50 times the acceptable limit, or 5 times more than their toilet seat samplei, to the point where the team removed it for isolation and cleaning"The keyboard increases the risk of a user getting sick," said James Francis, a microbiology scientist who is one of the teams involved in the study."I haven't seen such a reading for a long time."Some took a humorous view of the results and came up with fun new office party games like" Guess who has Ebola spores in his cubicle !"!But scientists don't think it's interesting.
"Most people don't think much about the dirt built on their PC," which said?Editor Sarah Kidner told reporters."But if you don't clean up the computer, you 'd better have lunch in the toilet.Have lunch in the toilet seat.Gross."More and more people eat at their desks and move from hand to mouth," Francis told reporters .
It makes things worse.
Scientists have concluded that eating lunch at a desk is a major source of infectious bacterial infection on the keyboard.Breadcrumbs and small pieces of sprouts buds that fall from your vegetables create the perfect conditions for your keys and microbes under the keys.They are combined with skin particles, dust and stranded moisture, creating a warm and happy environment for the reproduction of bacteria.
It is also the fault of people who sneeze, pick their noses, cough to their hands, and then touch the keyboard without washing their hands or using paper towels.You know who that guy is.He was the same annoying colleague who ate greasy smoked beef with onions and then used a regular phone call (the main location of the bacteria) without wiping it with a napkin.MicrobiologyPeter Wilson told reporters that the keyboard is often a "reflection of the nose and internal organs ".
But his scientistMark enlet, from Imperial College London, thinks this is simply uncivilized."You shouldn't have gut bacteria on your keyboard," Dr. Tsked said ."Enright.Ask 4,000 people how often they clean up the computer keyboard.
About a tenth of respondents said, "Well?Then admit they never cleaned the keyboard.Ever.Ten points two people said they had never cleaned up mice.About half said they only clean up the keyboard once a month.
What is the best way to get rid of annoying little animals?It\'s simple.Just turn the keyboard over...Sparky after turning it off...Dump the crumbs and skin cells.Then wipe the key with a damp cloth, or better still wipe the key with an alcohol swab.That way, the next time you get a computer virus, you'll know to call the help desk department instead of the HazMat team.
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