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by:Winbridge      2019-12-17

Mobile phones have become a way of life all over the world.We use them to keep in touch with friends and family.We can chat, text.Mail, send pictures or short videos from anywhere to everyone and anyone.We can track where our kids are, call them to keep them up to date on family plans, or tell them to go home now!We can use them in case of emergency, for example when our car breaks down.
Is it too good to give up or give up?Have you ever thought about all the reasons for giving up your phone?I heard that kind of collective horror, the laughter of ridicule, "duh, why am I doing this?\ "Here are the ten reasons I gave you my mobile phone.Some people are humorous and some are serious.

When you tell people you don't have a cell phone, it's fun to see the shock and incredible look on people's faces.A face of disbelief tells you that they think you only have a dozen donuts.Let you know that they realize that you are mentally challenged with a smirk.
Then the verbal response.Those who will say that suspicious laugh because they know you must be joking, and at the same time they will think in their minds, "what if she is telling the truth ?"?"Verbal response goes from this little laugh to a throbbing shout," How did you survive ?"???
One of the things I learned when I was a drug abuse consultant was that the addicted people wanted everyone to be addicted.What they do is normal.They will try to get you started again regardless of the cost."How can you do this to your child?They will ask.They try to get hysterical when guilt technology doesn't work.\ "What if you crash or have an accident?"I will tell you, I have heard it all!

I bet most parents know the situation.Your kids have been asking you to buy their own phones."All my friends have it. I'm the only one.You don't believe me, you never believe me!\ "You can contact me at any time!"Of all the requests, this is the third one to win the support of most parents.
You bought a mobile phone for your child and suddenly you communicated.You called to say you were going to the store.They called to go to the park.Communicate in time and update each other.What paradise, no longer want to know where my little angel is, I can just call.
A week or two has passed (I heard some people even have a month) and you call the little angel.No answer.Thought you had the wrong speed dial number, you try again.Still no answerYour mind is speeding right away.What may have happened, why don't they answer, are they dead??!!You tell yourself, "Calm down, maybe the battery is dead.The battery is dead.
When they get home, the answers you get range from "I never heard it ring" to "The battery is definitely dead.Sooner or later you will realize that they just don't answer your phone.The day of your instant communication is over.
#8 Do you really want access at any time?
If you have a phone, I bet you 've heard, "Why don't you pick it up ?"?\"xa0I don't understand why people think you should answer the phone every time your phone rings.--xa0Have you ever made friends angry with you because you didn't answer?--xa0A boss who thinks he should be the most important person in your life?
You can't tell these people you're out.--xa0They will still be insulted because you should be able to reach them anytime, anywhere if you have a phone.--xa0The excuse why you don't answer becomes extremely limited.
I work for a company that wants me to be accessible at any time.--xa0They want me to buy a cell phone.--xa0They don't want to pay me for access or offer a phone.--xa0Why do I want to talk to them in my free time?

I called a lot of people at work to do pre-screening.One of the questions I asked was the name and number of the emergency contact.I would say that about 95% of respondents do not know their other half --hand.They apologized for not knowing the figure and never realized it had become commonplace.I don't even know my home number when I have my phone.

Don't you hate it when you're in a restaurant or movie and someone starts talking loudly with a cell phone?What rights do they have to bother everyone for their phone?Why can't people take it outside more considerate?
How about this scene.You are talking to your friends and spit out your heart.All of a sudden, you hear the dog barking.Where do you think the dog is?
"I'm sorry, I have to take this," said your friend ."."I will be there in a minute."You overheard your friend talking to someone about the plan for next week.A minute has passed, but you have lost the urge to talk and feel stupid enough that you think they may really care about you.
This is what everyone has experienced.You are in the store and need some help to find an item.You finally found a salesperson and just saw them on their phone.You seek help.The salesperson raises a finger in the generic "Wait a minute" language.They finally hung up.You started asking your questions and their phone rang again.They raised their fingers again.You put up another finger and go out.

I still remember those days when everyone was in their arms talking about driving people talking on their mobile phones.Speaking with your mobile phone is illegal in 15 states and Colombia.I'm sure everyone has seen the driver take the phone and forget to watch the lights change or just happen to float into your driveway.I was hit like this.
In an article on US News and World coverage in 2009, an estimated 20% of people text while driving.The article also points out that,30 people aged between 18 and 24 sent text messages and drove.While it's hard to tell exactly how many people crashed while texting, there are enough horror stories to show that this is a real problem.
Fast forward until 2017.You will think that we have learned that texting and driving are two different things.

Now, 49% of adults admit to texting and driving.(Note that this is just the amount of "recognition.Report of the National Security Council 1.By driving and using mobile phones, there are 6 million crashes each year.Of these 341,000 people, it is known that it is caused by texting and driving (2013 statistics ).In fact, one of the four car accidents was caused by texting and driving.

11 teenagers die every day in the United States for texting and driving.When the driver texts and drives, 40% of teenagers admit they are in the car.Teenagers are four times more likely to have an accident or approach an accident than adults.Missed because of the use of mobile phones.

(NCSL) display 40-Seven states in Washington, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands have banned texting and driving.There is currently no law banning texting and driving in Arizona and Montana.In Missouri, drivers under the age of 21 are banned from driving.

Many people may not realize that mobile phones are considered hazardous waste.This means that mobile phones pose a threat to human health or the environment at the time of disposal.

Mercury, lead, nickel, be, cadmium and plastic found in mobile phones.Please recycle your phone and don't throw it in the garbage.
There are several organizations that will help you recycle your phone.

Help you find a place in your area that can be recycled.

Allow you to change your old phone to cash.

.They will take away any and all manufacturing, model and conditions of the phone.Also, you can write it off on your tax.
Have you heard that bees are disappearing?The use of the phone seems to be related to the disappearing bees.

It shows that the phone is interfering with the bee's navigation system.Bees are vital to human survival.

The report said that cell phone radiation caused the group to crash (CCD ).CCD happens when most worker bees disappear and leave the Queen and plenty of food.
Bees are responsible for pollinating most crops in the world.wide.We will experience the world without beeswide famine.You can see that bees are essential to our world.

In today's economic situation, something must be paid.--xa0It's a mobile phone for my family.--xa0We paid about $180.Our line is 00 a month.--xa0I know, it's a very small price to get on the phone with you at any time for convenience.--xa0I just don't like convenience.

Research at the Cleveland Clinic shows that men who put their phones in their pockets while talking with wireless devices are destroying sperm.The radio waves from the phone seem to reduce the vitality and vitality of sperm.It was also found to have changed the DNA of sperm.A sister study found a significant decrease in the number of male sperm using mobile phones for more than 4 hours a day.

27 studies on cell phones and sperm were reviewed.Negative consequences were reported in 21 studies reviewed.Scientists say more information is needed to verify the results.Follow-up studies are under way.

A study published in March 28, 2008 pointed out that the connection between mobile phone use and brain tumors should no longer be considered a myth.

Dr. Vini Gautam Khurana of FRACS said that the heavy use of mobile phones increases the risk of brain tumors 2-4 fold.
The study also noted that Bluetooth headsetsWireless home phones and walkie-talkie are not safe.The only safe option is landline.It strongly recommends that children use only their mobile phones in case of emergency.
The study notes that "it is expected that this risk is much more extensive than the public health impact of asbestos and smoking and is directly related to all of us, especially the younger generation, including very young children."So why do we ban smoking and not even warn people to use mobile phones?

Avoid direct exposure of the "hearing system" and brain to radiation by using regular "landline" instead of manualHolding a mobile phone or cordless phone;
When the phone needs to be used, use its "speaker phone" mode (at least 20 cm apart) to increase the physical distance between the device and the side of the head or \ "in-vehicle hands-free\" mode;
Avoid converting the head to a mobile antenna by minimizing the use of current Bluetooth devices and unshielded wired devicesMobile phone headphones;
Minimize the use of mobile phones and mobile phones by all adults;
Children restrict the use of mobile phones and mobile phones in emergency situations.
Why is there no warning to American citizens?
It wasn't until I found the first video above that I realized that some countries had issued a warning to the phone.So why not warn that it has been published in the United States?My impression is that our country cares about pro.Active in health care.This is a threat that has been diluted in our society, but it seems to be taken very seriously by others.
Belgium prohibits the design of mobile phones for children under 7 years of age.It is illegal to promote mobile phones to children.
Taiwan prohibits the use of electronic devices for children aged 2 and under.They will be fined if parents are found to be allowed.Taiwan also instructed parents to limit the time spent using electronic devices for all children under the age of 18.
The Romanian consumer protection association issued a warning advising people not to let children under the age of 12 use their mobile phones except in emergency situations.
Only a few countries have issued warnings.Many warnings are focused on children.Their thinner skulls and more porous brains increase the risk of radio frequency (RF) and magnetic field (EMF) radiation.
What does America really value?Our children and our lives?Is it convenient and profitable?If this threat is not true, then in the second video above, how did this woman win compensation from the worker?Think about it.
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