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by:Winbridge      2019-09-01
Unqualified sounds can adversely affect the way listeners perceive the quality of music and the talent of musicians.In order to have the perfect bass, tone and tone, a microphone of the right quality must be selected to record the vocals.The microphone is an extension of the sound source of a singer or musician.
With the right microphone and settings, the sound can be amplified to become fuller, warmer and stronger.In order to make a song or sound landscape, the entire sound package needs to be recorded and processed.Due to the large difference in quality and price expectations between professional studios and home studios, choosing the right microphone among the many options available today can become very tedious.
This Techspirited article discusses some of the best microphones for recording vocals.In 2012, Neumann U 87 Ai was named the best microphone by Voice magazine and used by professionals around the world.It has a dual-Diaphragm capsule protected by head grille.
This professional standard condenser studio microphone is equipped with a switchable all-round, heart-shaped and two-way microphone (figure-Polar pattern.It has switchable 10db attenuation and can handle the SPL range of 127 dB without distortion.Its high-Therefore, pass filter reduces the low frequency to a large extent, thus making people pay more attention to the main source.
USD 3600.
At first glance, this compact microphone may look weak;However, the TLM 102 will give you more money.The Neumann TLM 102 contains a large diaphragm heart-shaped capsule with a 144 dB high SPL that can record drums and high sounds.It has a slight lift over 6 kHz and provides a linear frequency response when recording vocals.
Its rated impedance is 50 ohms and the frequency range is 20Hz-20 kHz.The volume of this microphone is very low.A noise circuit that records natural sounds without adding extra colors.
USD 700.
Singer Chris Cornell of the band Soundgarden and audiosslave used the r-Voice de microphone, which in itself has to say a lot about the high quality standards of this microphone.The RÃx98DE NT2-One set contains the HF1 1 \ "capsule condenser diaphragm microphone, SM6 impact bracket with pop filter, dust cover and 6 m XLR microphone cable.There are three additional frequency controlsposition pick-Up mode, high-Switch through the filter and pad on the microphone body.
This microphone comes with 10-One-year warranty and tutorial DVD hosted by Grammy-Nominated producer and sound engineer John Merchant.USD 699.It\'s a two-Time winner of the Music Industry Association (MIA) award.The SE2200a series also includes sE2200a ii c (heart-shaped) and sE2200T.
SE2200a II morePattern capacitor microphone with backto-back hand-Carefully crafted 1 \ "diaphragm.It allows three polarity modes including heart shape, graphics-of-8, and omni.Its impedance is greater than 200 ohms and can handle high clearance SPL of 135 dB and extremely low noise.
This microphone comes with a highPass filter and 10dB pad.USD 500.This is another large diaphragm condenser microphone for AKG, designed to be a more economical alternative to C414.It features a 1 \ "capsule integrated suspension that helps minimize noise.
It is also equipped with a switchable 20db attenuation pad that can handle high SPL up to 156 dB.This microphone can switch bassAble to record the cutting filter of the main sound source with minimal proximity effect.USD 497.This side address capacitor microphone has a fixed heart-shaped pattern.
Its most important feature is its large tension diaphragm.The AT4040 is known for its extremely low noise of 12 dB SPL and impedance of 100 ohms.Its frequency rollsOff is 80Hz and the response range is 20-20,000 Hz.
Its maximum input sound level is 155 dB SPL, while its wide dynamic range is 133 dB.This microphone has a switchable scrollOff and 10 dB pad, and a full XLRM-type 3-Pin output connector.The microphone is mounted in a protective housing that contains a dust cover and meets "-27 threaded bracket.
USD 495.
Audio-Technica AT2050 is considered one of the best budgeted microphones in the market.It is equipped with large doubleDiaphragm for Qualcomm and switchable 10 dB pads and 80Hz filters.It also provides pictures including omni-of-Eight, heart-shaped, and a shock bracket and soft bag.
The frequency response range of AT2050 is 20-20,000Hz, while its dynamic range is 132 dB and 1 kHz at a maximum SPL of 159 dB.USD 370.For the features it offers, the P420 is by far the most affordable microphone for the price.This microphone comes with a 1 \ "dual diaphragm microphone and switchable pre-The Attenuation pad for the Attenuation application is as low as 20 dB and reaches the maximum at 155 dB.
It also has a switchable bassCut-Off filter for 300Hz.It also features heart-shaped, omni-directional and bi-directional polar patterns.USD 359.The MXL V69 mogami Edition is a tube capacitor microphone.
Its frequency response range is 20Hz-18 kHz with a single heart-shaped pattern.This microphone comes with 12AT7 pairsTriple-Pole vacuum tube with impact bracket and 3-One year warranty including 1-1Annual warranty for tube.It has an output impedance of 200 ohms and can handle a maximum SPL of 140 dB.
The microphone also comes with an aluminum flight case and a dust-proof cloth.USD 299.Of course, we can't forget to mention Shure Beta 58A.This dynamic microphone is used by singers and some very famous bands around the world, such as Snow Patrol and Mos Def.
Compared to the legendary SM58, the Beta 58A has a super heart mode instead of just providing heart-shaped mode for singers.Secondly, this microphone is at 50Hz-16 kHz.USD 200
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