types of microphone Calif. congressman goes viral for playing Candace Owens' comments on Hitler during hearing

by:Winbridge      2019-12-27
types of microphone Calif. congressman goes viral for playing Candace Owens\' comments on Hitler during hearing
Rep.Ted Lieu, D-Calif.Play a video clip of Candice Owens's previous comments on nationalism.Rep.Ted Lieu, D-Calif.Play a video clip of Candice Owens's previous comments on nationalism.Communication between delegatesTed Lieu, D-Calif.Conservative commentator Candice Owens went viral on Tuesday.Lieu, representing parts of Los Angeles County, at a congressional hearing on white nationalism and hate crime, used his time to broadcast excerpts from Owens's comments on nationalism and Hitler."I don't know her.Owens.I'm not going to describe her."I'll let her speak in her own words," said Lieu, and then play a video clip on his phone, amplified by the microphone in front of him."Actually, I have no problem with the word nationalism."I think this definition will be poisoned," Owens said at a meeting in the United States ."K.December 2018.What I don't want is globalization."If Hitler just wants to make Germany great and make it all right, okay, okay.The problem is what he wants. he has a dream outside Germany.He wants globalization.He wants everyone to be German."Owens, the communications director of conservative group Turning Point USA, was summoned to testify at a Republican member hearing on the House Judiciary Committee.When there was an opportunity to respond to Lieu's comments at the hearing, she said, "I think it is clear that Mr. LieuLieu thinks black people are stupid and will not pursue a complete clip.Some people on Twitter pointed out that watching the full video did not help her case.Owens went on to say what she was "deeply offended".Implies a replacement.At Tuesday's hearing, Owens told lawmakers that the country needed to talk more about what she called harassment of conservatives of color.As a regular public speaker, she has been an active supporter of President Donald Trump and has been trying to push African-Americans out of the Democratic Party.She told the commission that at the Washington, D. C. Hearing on hatred, YouTube was filled with racist comments, "We're not talking about the political hatred of the country enough .".Owens complained to lawmakers about the "double standard" that allowed criticism of black conservatives, Christians and Jews "."We need to condemn all types of hate speech," she said .".Executives at Google and Facebook, and-The Defamation League, the Equality and Justice Association and others were asked to speak on Tuesday.The hearing was triggered by the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, when a gunman killed 50 people in two mosques and broadcast the attack live on Facebook.The suspected gunman also published a long online article supporting white supremacist views.The Associated Press contributed to the report.Read the latest story of Alix Martichoux and send her news tips at atalix.Martichoux @ sfgate.com.Via SFGATE breaking news email, start receiving breaking news emails about wildfires, civil emergencies, riots, National breaking news, Amber Alerts, weather emergencies and other major events.Click here to make sure you get the message.
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