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by:Winbridge      2019-10-16
Samsung, an electronics manufacturer, has been considered one of the best handset manufacturers.It brings gadgets with the latest technology features, and Samsung S8000 Jetis is one of the products of its innovative spirit.The size of this phone is 108.Length 8mm, 53.5mm such as breadth 11.Depth 9mm.Its total weight is only 110 GM.The AMOLED resistor touch screen has a color effect of 16 m for excellent display.
The screen size was found to be 3.
1 inch provides a large interface for users to enjoy.Samsung S8000 Jet provides 2g and 3g connections for people using the device.The resolution of 480X800 pixels provides an attractive display for the user's experience.
There is a 2 gb memory here and an additional card to connect to this memory storage.The capacity of the card can reach 16 GB.Web browsing is enabled in Jet, and GPRS and EDGE functions are provided here.The gadget also features the HSCSD feature, which allows users to easily download files.
The wireless network is provided through the WiFi feature provided by Samsung S8000 Jet.Bluetooth and USB are connection options through which users can send and receive files to other similar gadgets.They can also help you transfer files to your laptop or desktop.
You can take a snapshot using the 5mp camera provided in your phone.To take a better snapshot, this camera is full of other camera features.First of all, autofocus can focus perfectly on the theme, which is also automatic.
Next is the LED flash, which can get a snapshot even in dim light conditionsMarking, face, smile and blink detection, wide dynamic range features help maximize comfort and quality for users.A secondary camera for video calls is provided to the user to enjoy the video of the person he or she is talking.Samsung S8000 Jet has communication facilities for SMS, MMS, email, instant messaging and push email.
Text messages can let you write text messages, MMS can send MMS, any type of attachment mail can rest.I can provide you the ability to chat with friends and relatives online.Entertainment is done by radio and games provided here.
In addition, the music player and video player entertain users by playing music and video in all formats.Games in Samsung S8000 Jet are rarely built in, but as long as you want, more games can be downloaded from the Internet.These games really help you when you're alone and you need entertainment.
The battery here is a standard battery, Li-Ion 1100 mAh provides users with 5 hours of 3g talk time and 3g standby time of 406 hours.With all of this, the Samsung S8000 Jet must be a gadget worth enjoying.A variety of enjoyment tools are provided here, and the beautiful battery also powers the use of all the features available.
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