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by:Winbridge      2019-09-19
In this information age, the Internet can be accessed quickly and continuously using various technologies.3G and Wi-Fi is added to this list.The write-Up highlights in detail some of the differences between the two.Thanks to some advances in internet and telecom technology, laptop and mobile phone users can use many modern features and facilities.
The use of wireless systems is growing rapidlyCommunication, data transfer and other online processes.Two of the main technologies are 3g, also known as 3rd generation and Wi-Also known as wireless fidelity.Both technologies provide users with wireless Internet access and services and can be used in laptops, smartphones, pda and other entertainment devices.
3G i.
The third generation mobile communication standard meets the IMT-2000.NTT DoCoMo was first commercially released in Japan in 2001.3g is mainly used to watch mobile TV, video on demand, video calls and meetings on mobile phones.
The activation of the 3g service depends on the service provider.Wi-Fi Technology, also known as 802.11 standard, allowing the transmission of data to other devices in any form via the network or the internet without any physical media.Wi-Fi is also the standard for wireless access used in laptops and smartphones with Wi-FiFi facility.
Wi-The Fi web connection depends on the hot spot with Internet access wireless router in a specific range.In 1991, AT&T put the technology into commercial use by using it in the cash register system.3g is provided entirely by the service provider while Wi-Wi-Fi access can be controlledA Fi router located within a specific range of the access point.
Use Wi-Fi facilities, people will have to access one to provide Wi-Fi zone.Today, most shopping malls, cafes and main streets have Wi-A Fi router for fast internet access.In order to use 3g, people need to get in touch with their own service providers.
3g technology scored far more than Wi-Fi about the signal.Because it relies on mobile service providers, people will receive strong signals as long as they are within the network.In case of Wi-Fi, one can only receive strong signals within the router range located in the hotspot.
When it comes to the speed of these two technologies, Wi-The Fi is faster than 3g.Maximum speed of the latest Wi-"n" standardFi technology is reported to be 600 mbps.The data transmission speed in 3g technology varies depending on the type of device and whether it is stationary or moving.
The maximum speed on a fixed wireless LAN is considered to be more than 2.05 mbps.However, if you want to start the reception on the mobile vehicle's mobile phone, the speed can drop to 128 kbps.The cost of 3g access depends on the plan chosen from the service provider.
When it comes to using WiFi facilities, people may need to pay for the owner of the hot spot.Wi-Some hotspot Fi is free, while others may charge a certain amount of money.Users of WiThe Fi facilities of the hotel and cafe can be paid using a credit card on the payment page hosted by the appropriate authorities, or in cash to pay for access to the network access code.
Some hot spots are even code-free, and you can access the web directly without accessing the password.In terms of security, Wi-Because of its wireless features, Fi is more vulnerable to new attacks.However, by restricting access to Wi-computersNetwork, a person's network can be protected.
On the other hand, it is more secure because the 3g network is directly connected to the service provider.They use passwords for protection like KASUMI group passwords.The 3g provided by the service provider has better mobility as it can be used anywhere covered by the service provider.
On the other hand, Wi-Due to restrictions on the vicinity of hot spots, Fi mobility is limited.3G uses more power, and the power per byte is almost 4 to 5 times that of Wi-Fi.This makes the use of 3g on the phone not feasible when accessing large chunks of data, because people will definitely lose battery power.
On the other hand, Wi-Fi also has the advantage of indoor use, which makes it a better choice to access large chunks of data.Wi-The Fi provides more bandwidth than 3g and is more stable in terms of speed.Due to the relatively small bandwidth, the speed of 3g generally fluctuates.
These fluctuations will make the user experience is not good.3g technology is a built-in feature for PDAs or smartphones, but Wi-Fi.For using Wi-Fi, people must have a wireless access point (WAP) device that allows other computers and phones to pass through Wi-Fi.
This makes Wi-Devices that support Fi are more stable.Phones that support 3g can be used like regular phones, with the added advantage of video and voice content transmission.On the other hand, Wi-Fi connects the Internet and other computers in the network faster and faster than Bluetooth technology.
Here is some general information about 3g.Wi-Fi.When it comes to 3g and Wi-Fi, people need to choose technology according to their own needs
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