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by:Winbridge      2019-09-21
If you want to avoid people who don't want to use your network, protecting the wireless Internet is an important thing.Read on and learn more.Wireless networks are becoming more and more popular as people buy laptops.Laptops make life easier because people can move around at home with "laptops.
As a result, people have chosen wireless Internet connection to enable them to keep in touch at home.However, if precautions are not taken, bringing the wireless Internet connection home will cause internet security problems.This is because there are many uninvited guests waiting to access your computer network to upload and download unethical materials.
How to ensure the security of wireless Internet connection?When you scroll the cursor to the small icon on the desktop in the lower right corner, you will find your wireless broadband username.It may even pop up something like "default (unsafe)" or something like that..This is a word that lets your antenna turn on alarm mode.
The wireless Internet connection is like a bank without a guarantee, inviting robbers to rob without fear.Any hacker can steal your personal information, password, upload malware and download illegal materials from your wireless network.However, wise people will choose the best way to protect the wireless network and have a good sleep.
The following instructions will help you get the best way to secure your wireless network.Follow the given steps.The first step is to change the default value.When you take it homeThe Fi router, for everyone who buys the same router model, the login provided by the manufacturer is usually the same.
Many users don't know anything about it, so hackers are able to identify the default username and password and access your network.The best thing to do is to change the username and password when logging in for the first time.While you're here, make sure you're using a smart username and password.
Do not select name, family name or pet name as password.A smart hacker will hack your account for a day with these obvious user names and passwords.Something mixed with numbers, letters, and special characters.
You need to encrypt your wireless network so that no hacker can easily eavesdrop on your internet activity.So, how to protect your network with encryption?The old encryption option WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is very easy to crack and can be broken in 30 seconds!However, users are still plagued by this easy-to-crack encryption protection.Smart users will choose a relatively secure WPA2 encryption protection.
Windows XP users only need to download and install Microsoft's WPA2 patch.They also need to update their wireless network card drivers.Then log in to the router management page through the web browser.
Log in to your account and go to the security page.\'.Finally, enter the password in the shared key field and save the changes made.While we are still thinking about how to protect my network, we have taken a step that many users do not know.
Your router has a default system ID called a Service Set Identifier (SSID), or it may be an extended Service Set Identifier (ESSID ).In simple language, it is the name of your wireless Internet connection.Manufacturers provide default SSID for their router set, which is often ignored by users.
However, as you have to understand, the default can cause trouble!Hackers will be able to find the default settings and take advantage of your internet access.The solution is to change the name of the SSID.Again, don't make the same mistake, choose an obvious SSID name, such as your name, your child's name, or your house name.
Use a unique but independent ID to facilitate identification between you and your family.MAC address has nothing to do with Mac OS.This is the only code or "physical address" provided to users to identify their wireless Internet access.
Your router will record all addresses of the devices that try to access your connection.If someone or someone else has been trying to get in touch with you, it will help you stay in touch.You will quickly learn who is trying to access your network.
You can add the MAC address of the home network connection so that the device only allows them access, not others.However, it may be able to block hobbyists, but experts who sneak in can program and gain access to fake MAC addresses.Built-in router-In firewall protection, make sure it is on.
This will help prevent anonymous requests from getting access.It will also help to hide your internet presence and give you better protection.It's hard to black you if you can't be seen.
Keep your computer safe and firewall-to-Date of latest software update.The best way to secure the wireless network is to avoid broadcast connections.For instructions, read the router manual and disable the broadcast options for the router.
Turn off the device when not in use.
This is an additional network security measure to protect your internet connection and a good idea to save valuable power
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