what's the best bluetooth speaker How to Build Custom Car Speaker Boxes?

by:Winbridge      2019-09-22
The custom speakers of the car have different styles, including sealing, ports and belts.So they maximize the performance of the speakers and learn how to build custom car speaker boxes.The type of bass you receive from the car sound system does not depend entirely on the speakers.
You need to be strong and tight for the best speaker performance-Built-in speaker.Speakers without these enclosures cannot provide complete bass, as the sound on the back of the speaker will offset some of the low frequencies that appear on the front of the speaker.The sealed housing is smaller than all other types of this box, but is the most widely used and easy to build.
They do not allow air to escape from the box, making it difficult for the speakers to get in and out.Thus, this enhances the transient response, I .E.e.The bass is tighter and the sound accuracy is better.
Good power handling capability and tightThe sealing design prevents the motor structure of the speaker from cooling like other boxes.In addition to the sealed box, there is a portable box that uses vents to strengthen deeper and more powerful bass.Bandpass box is another speaker box designed for maximum slam.
They work well in rap, reggae and hard rock music because the sound is offensive and loud in a narrow frequency range.¾ inch high-Consult your subwoofer or speaker retailer for the correct size of the case.Keep in mind that inches should be considered for the thickness of the particle board.
With the help of pencils and tape measure, draw the pattern of the speaker box on the particle board, which should include six sides of the box, with a central partition inside the box to separate the two speakers.Cut the tracked pattern with the help of the puzzle.By applying the grille cover for the subwoofer, draw the external and internal areas onto the board to be placed on the speaker.
With the help of an inch-bit router, the area between the inner circle and the outer ring is routed out at a cutting depth of 3/8.With this, the frame of the speaker will be placed at the top of the box.Drill a big hole and cut the hole for the speaker with the help of the puzzle.
Smooth edges and wiring areas with file or sandpaper.Cut a 2-Inch holes on both sides of the speaker wire connector panel.Set the box with screws and seal the joint with silicone so that no air leaks, but keep one side of the front panel as this will hold the speakers.
Apply the glue to the outer area of the box and the back of the carpet, then wrap the carpet tightly on the box.With the help of a razor blade, cut the vertical, horizontal and inclined lines in the Star design on the carpet covering the speaker connector holes.Pass the connector through the hole so that the two prong terminals are in the box.
Fix the connector with screws and seal the surrounding area with silicone.Welding connectors and speaker wirese., The positive wire of the speaker's positive lead and the negative wire of the speaker's negative lead.Install the front panel on the box with screws and seal it with silicone.
Put each speaker into the star design cropped on the carpet.Finally, install the shell in your car.Should be done carefully and perfectly
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