what's the best bluetooth speaker How to Make a Wi-Fi Antenna

by:Winbridge      2019-09-19
A Wi-Using materials that cost less than $20 can easily make Fi antennas at home.The easiest way is to use tin cans as a tool, and you can also create another type of antenna using a filter.Commercial Wi-You spent a bomb.There are other ways to make Wi-The Fi antenna at home will not only increase your network range, but also be very cheap.
The antenna is just a directional wave duct device that converts electrical energy into radio signals,versa.Therefore, almost any material that can or can make such a function can be used as Wi-Fi antenna."Cantenna" is a directional wavelength receiving device for long-time receptionrange Wi-Fi.
Ideally, the periphery of cantenna is not enough to receive the signal separately.Therefore, cantennas is mainly used to extend the range of wireless networks or improve reception on distorted signal paths.Cantenna can also zoom in from 5-22 dB.While "pringles" can be widely used in this setting, it is important to note that these tanks are narrow in diameter and do not fit 2.
So always use about 3 cans for such a project.The diameter is 5 to 4 inch and the length is about 6 or more inches.~ Can (about 3.~ 1.~ N-Drill a hole in the jar about a few inches from its base.
Widen the hole according to the diameter of the connector.The connector should be just right;The hole should not be too small to insert the connector, nor should it be too large to cause the connector to fall off.Secure the adapter firmly in the hole.Make sure it is set as it is shown in this image.
Weld copper strands at the inner end of the connector (inside the tank.Be very careful when you weld copper strands.It must be like this.Plug the pigtail cable into the connector outside the tank.
Connect the other end of the pigtail cable to Wi-Fi device/card.Only when you have a compatible Wi-Fi adapter.So please check the connector and adapter compatibility before proceeding.
Install the can on a tripod using adhesive tape, facing Wi-Fi adapter.Once installed and fixed in place, rotate cantenna slightly on its axis and adjust its tilt to determine where it receives the strongest signal.This antenna is linearly polarized.e., Its rotation will affect the signal strength positively or negatively.
However, the tilt is required in very rare cases and should only be careful if necessary.Once you change the position of cantenna for the best signal strength, you can use your homemade Wi-Fi antenna!~ USB Wi-Connect to Wi using USB extension cable-The Fi adapter of the computer.The parent connector of the cable enters your computer and Wi-The Fi adapter is inserted into the male port of the cable.
If you haven't found an extension cord long enough to locate the antenna you need, connect multiple cables together.Connect the USB adapter to the handle of the filter using tape.If the filter does not have a handle, fix the stick to it with tape and fix the adapter to the stick with tape.
Make sure your dongle is in the position where the signal is received at maximum intensity.Place the dongle temporarily on the handle of the filter and place it around the handle to find the hot spot.Align the filter to Wi-The Fi transmitter is in a straight line and crosses a little left or right depending on where you get the best signal.
Once you have found the exact location to generate the Wi-optimal strengthFi Signal, mount the filter on the tripod holder and be ready to use the filter Wi-Fi antenna!Compared to expensive WiIt is possible to make and install Fi antennas and homemade antennas for almost half the price.In fact, cantenna won't take your total charge over $15.$20!A filter antenna won't cost you more than $25 either.
So, get the materials ready, get your tools ready and save some money!
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