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by:Winbridge      2019-12-21
Sometimes we end up with a lot of creative ideas for our players and it's hard to really figure out what we want.If you 've ever encountered a feeling of uncertainty about your product, check out the following to help you find the driving force you need for your event!Fidgety cubes from Matthew and Mark mclakeland supporters: 154,926 | promise: $6,465,690, as the name suggests, for those who keep fiddling with their fingers or want to keep clicking on the pen, this vinyl table toy is a great item.It comes in multiple colors and is designed to relieve anxiety!In a world where everyone is experiencing stress, is there any better way to relieve stress by having a beautiful toy that you can bring anywhere?Daily backpacks, handbags and slings for Peak Design supporters: 26,359 | promise: $6,565,782 is there a problem with your stuff?This started with photographers who are looking for a carrier that can carry all the gears safely and reliably.There's anti-bagThe theft belt comes with it, and there are a lot of zip pockets that are subdivided again by smaller bags.In addition, it is designed not only for cameras, but also for daily use!Pebble Time smartwatch for Pebble technology supporters: 78,471 | Pledge: $20,338,986 before you say "no thanks" to the smartwatch, please consider the smartwatch made by Pebble Tech because of theirThe battery life of Pebble time is up to 7 days, while the battery life of pebble time STEEL is up to 10 days.They all have a timeline interface, water-There are 3 different colors.Explosive kitten card game for Elan Lee supporters: 219,382 | promise: $8,782,571 will you expect card games to go into this list?Those explosive kittens?Well, even if we grow up, at least most people, we still like to see violence in the form of humor.The funny thing is that the game is very simple but addictive again, which is not easy to implement in this type!The Coolest Cooler for Ryan GrepperBackers: 62,642 | promise: $13,285,226In a broken ice blender.Imagine that you have to make smoothies in the hot summer, or when you want to drink margar Tower!These are just a few things you can do with this fridge, it even has a fully waterproof Bluetooth speaker!You can listen to your jam and relax.Baubaxllc supporter: 44,949 | commitment: $9,192,055 to keep you warm?Check!Stylish?Check!Warm pocket?Yep!Portable charger?Headset Holder?Neck Pillow?Eye Mask?Baubaxllc claims the best travel jackets in the world, these are just a few things you can find.Dark Souls™ -Board game for Steamforged Games LtdBackers: 31,178 | promise: $4,952,944, you must be familiar with the name at least, even if you have not played the video game version.It is said that board games have innovative game mechanics and can have up to 4 players.Miniatures adhere to knowledge and themes, allowing you to experience the essence of the original game itself, requiring players to think and plan to emerge winners.Blood stain from supporters of Bloodigarashi: Ceremony at night: 64,867 | $5,545,991Rolling game with RPG and craft elements;It tells the story of an orphan named Miriam, and when you fight demons in a castle called by one of your friends, you will play the orphan.The graphics are amazing: both the character design and the drawing background.Pono Music for supporters of the PonoMusic team: 18,220 | promise: $6,225,354 everyone loves music!It's like a common language that unites people.It is said that this special gadget will allow you to have "the best listening experience possible ".Although its design makes it difficult to save in your pocket, the interface and compatibility of various file types make up for this.Life beam supporter Vi: 7,257 | Pledge: $1,688,179 fitness is a huge deal that will continue to connect with today's lifestyle.Unfortunately, not everyone is motivated enough to work out on their own, and sometimes you need a great coach to help you out.However, they are not always available, so LifeBEAM introduces Vi to help you run.
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