what's the best bluetooth speaker which one should i buy? or should i wait for a better deal ...

by:Winbridge      2019-12-21
Hi, I have no problem.I would appreciate it if someone answered all of these questions because I was a little confused.Q1: I would like to buy a laptop from Dell or HP (Canada) website.I 've split two deals and now I'm not sure which one is the best.Can you guys help me with this: (this is HP's.Reasonable price.Specs are good.Bluetooth speakers are available for free.So overall, the deal looks attractive.) (This is the Dell gaming laptop ).Which one do you suggest?Q2: are these prices CAD or USD?These are all Canadian websites, so I'm assuming it's CAD.Right?Q3: this is a limited time offer.So should I grab it or wait for the Christmas deal?Will they be better?I can wait two months.These are the problems.I would appreciate it if someone could answer.Thank you.
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