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by:Winbridge      2019-12-08
Here are some tips for solo wind musicians.If you play woodwind, brass, string, or any single-line instrument.You can make a lot of money with your gamea-long library.That\'s right!...Your play-a-The long Library is the golden source of income.
I know it works because I have already done it.Anyone should be able to do it if I can.This is the plan.
First of all, you have these wonderful plays.a-Your desire to practice often in the past.You spend a lot of time learning these songs and perfecting your talents.A lot of games like thisa-Longs are really great accompaniment, some recorded by professional musicians.
Well!...Why not put together a PA or sound system that sounds good (which you can afford) and use all these wonderful games --a-You 've been craving for years, putting together some songs and going out to target all the venues in your area, which is great for solo musicians like you, making some easy moneySound crazy?...Think about it again, and you'll be surprised to find out how many places you want live entertainment, but there's no room and no budget to hire a full band.
This is an example of my real experience.Earlier in the afternoon, I was at a restaurant, at a coffee shop after work, and I played with my band that night.The result,...It was three times my regular income that day.
I charge $50-$100 for small venues, $100-The cost of mainframe institutions and parties is $200, $200, and the cost of high-dollar funds is higher.You have to judge how much you need to charge for each show.Remember your expenses too.
Oh!...I forgot to mention it.This is the more delicious or icing on the cake.
So go ahead!...Make so much money!Put those dusty old scenes-a-longs to work.
Since I mainly play jazz, I use this source in my playa-

If you are a solo musician, you should know some tools and have them in your toolbox.It is best to prepare for everything that is coming in the form of performances and music opportunities.In this article, I will review some general things in the form of gears, hardware, and software that will give you an advantage in this competitive, demanding world.Keep in mind that these are all suggestions, depending on your personal situation, what you are and what you cannot get.
I will tell you that you already have the instrument of your choice and that you have spent thousands of hours perfecting your talent.There is no way around it!...You take out what you put in.If you take the time to perfect your talents, you will certainly benefit from it.
So,...Let's start.I will make a list of all the items that I think of in this article and where to get them.In some cases, a brief description of how they are handled.
2.Microphone: you need a microphone when you show your wonderful sound.You also need a microphone stand.
3.Speaker Holder: I would suggest that the speaker holder represent your speaker and hold the speaker above people's heads as you play in restaurants and coffee shops...You don't want to drive people away or blow anyone's eardrum.
4.Promotional desk: you need a promotional desk that you can use to place your promotional material, CD and any contact material for people to view, buy, and they come and go.It can be portable and small but looks decent.
5.Hint tank: I recommend a hint tank and this thing looks good too.
6.Play-a-Long Library: I recommend a gamea-A long library of all musicians, especially solo musicians.As I said in my previous post "tips for solo musicians", you can make a living by playing solo concerts and targeting small institutions.
7.CD or cassette player: you should have a CD or cassette player with tone control to play your gamea-Eager to pass your PA.
8.Computer: you should have a computer strong enough to record your own CD if possible.You can play by yourself.a-I am eager for my own music style.
9.Recording software: you need some kind of recording software for your computer.I recommend Cakewalk
10.Sound card: in some cases, your computer needs a sound card.I recommend, live voice
11.Keyboard: I think all musicians should have some kind of keyboard.There are hundreds of people to choose from on your budget.
12.CD recording software: you should have some kind of CD recording software.There are also hundreds of options.Microsoft Media Player is free.
13.Business card software: I recommend some business card software to your computer."Parabim business card builder" is a very effective tool.
14.Musician website: every musician should have a website.I recommend "host baby", everything you need on the musician website is here.
15.Internet promotion program: help promote your music and your own plans on the Internet.I recommend the "musician power improvement system ".
These are just a few things that help you become a successful solo musician.One thing to remember is...Always Act...Look...Dress up.A first impression of you may disappoint you.
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