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by:Winbridge      2019-12-08
I'm excited.A women's conference is being held in a nearby city, and one of the speakers/authors I 've always wanted to hear is one of the featured speakers.I registered right away and arrived early on the morning she was scheduled to speak.
The meeting was great and all the speakers were great.My speaker is amazing and I can't wait to see her and tell her about it.
After she finished, I went to her desk and bought her new book.When she was sitting next to her desk, I handed her my book and said, "Your message is amazing.\" Silence.Did I repeat my statement or did I have nothing.She did not look up at me;She didn't ask my name or anything else.She signed it in my book and didn't even have a smile, so she gave it back to me.
My first thought was to return the book to her for a refund.My next thought, however, is that I really don't feel better about being as rude as the speaker.So, I quickly prayed for her and me and went for lunch!
In later reflection, I was reminded that people do not always act the way we wish or expect.In fact, I am not always as kind and kind as I should be.I suspect you are not.
So what do you do when others are not doing well?First, forgive them.As far as I know, maybe I remind the speaker of her crazy cousin or something.Maybe the woman who spoke to her before me said something that made her unhappy.For whatever reason, choose to forgive someone when they don't do or say what you want them to do, so that others will forgive you when you do the same.
Next, forget it!I may have asked the Speaker for further explanation in person or in writing long ago.However, this reaction only extends bad memories.After the article was finished, I never thought about it.If you find yourself in a similar situation, decide what is best for you --Be alert to the bad behavior of this person, or forget it and focus instead on the good things.
Finally, move on.In the big plan of things, this small event is not so important.You and I are busy women who are too busy to catch up with the "wrong ".So when this happens, get into your next great adventure, big dream or valuable goal as soon as possible.
© 2006 Joyce M.
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