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by:Winbridge      2019-12-08
I just got a call to get this article out.The people who let me attend large regional rallies (with an estimated 3000 teenagers) are suffering from "speaker paranoia.They want to make sure that I don't do something negative that "former Speaker" does."Speaker paranoia" is directly related to previous bad experiences with former speakers.I call these phenomena "horror stories of young speakers ".Tragedy is that most of these unfortunate events can be avoided through clear communication before the event occurs.The horror story I heard was not all the speaker's fault.Let's take a look at some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
"The last speaker walked for 15 minutes in his time," I heard a lot.My answer was, "Did you tell him the time?Are you sure he understands this is important?"If you tell a speaker that he is" about an hour ", then don't be surprised if he walks for 69 minutes."Around" is a subjective term.It's better to say, "you have 60 minutes from the end of the intro.Also, keep in mind that the speaker goes from culture to culture.I did some activities, sponsors and promoters didn't have time to ask for them, and some gave me a trip that would break down in a few seconds.You must be clear about what you expect.When things are off-schedule (often in youth events), you have to communicate specific adjustments to the speaker.You told him a week ago that he had an hour, but by half the time your show was going on, you were 30 minutes behind schedule because parents/bus drivers would be unhappy, so you can't go.To get back on track, you 've figured out how much to scrape off each speaker/band.So you let your speaker "scratch a little bit off" his speech.He's five minutes off. you need fifteen.In his opinion, he did what you asked for and helped you.In your mind, "he walks over ".Expectations of time should be very clear.Most speakers won't pass.Another very simple solution is to have a volunteer with a time card in the front row.The big placard goes from five minutes to 0.In this way, the speaker will get a five-minute warning.When the last card comes out, he needs to pack it up.
"Our last young speaker ran out of his expenses.\ "Have you made your expectations clear again (you will notice a topic here )?Have you used the contract and does that contract state the fees paid by your organization?I don't need to rent a car, strawberries in the green room, 5 star hotels, or all green jelly beans.But I have heard many stories.So it's better to ask in advance.Travel reimbursement can lead to "horror stories ".I booked my own tickets and asked the owner to reimburse me.As far as I know, this is a common method.Why is it that most speakers don't let you buy tickets for them so that you have more control over the price?The answer is related to our way of life.This is a fairly nomadic and complex way of life that usually needs to change the plan at the last minute.We connect the city with the tour.Our calendar has changed.If you book a round trip ticket from his hometown, he will book a show the day before you, the money you spend is wasted, because he now needs a ticket for the city he is going to live in, not for the city he lives in.If you are nervous about the price of the ticket, please have your speaker set the ceiling on the ticket.For those who are on a tight budget or are concerned about the cost of the ticket, I wrote in the contract, "Free Entertainment (that is, I) will book a round-trip ticket and issue a reimbursement invoice to the host, the fare does not exceed 300.
"Our last youth speaker did not make a change call," did you make your expectations clear?This is not what you write on the contract;That's what you're talking about.I work with many different Christian denominations to serve the youth.Alter call is a weekly event for some organizations that hire me, while others have never seen alter call.I know now.But I didn't know that when I first started my national tour.I think I will make a "given" to change the phone ".Unfortunately, I have contributed to the "horror story" portfolio on this issue.If you want your speaker to make a change call and share it with him, if you don't want the speaker to make a change call, also share it with him, it's better to do it before the week of the event.
As mentioned above "the last young speaker is hidden in his Cabin", this is something that should be discussed.Some young speakers think their job is to speak, that's all.So if they speak on stage multiple times during camp or vacation, they will do a good job and in their opinion they do a good job.If you want your youth speakers to have dinner, play games with the children and let them be free in the "under the stage" time, you have to let them know...Before you sign the contract.This is the way I am at the camp;I hang out with the children and often teach nursing teaching between touching football matches.Once a year, I came home from a youth camp injured and I promised my wife that I would no longer "touch" football (and always end up shoveling ).I am suitable for this intensive department.Some very talented young speakers are not.If you let them know that you want them to be "free all weekend", they will gracefully refuse.If you don't let them know, you end up with a "horror story ".
You should be able to focus your energy on creating a Christ-centered life-changing event.If you communicate expectations in a clear and specific way, it won't be a problem to worry about what your speaker might not do.The youth spokesmen did so because they felt that Christ had called them to serve the youth.Help them serve Christ and the teenagers they feel called to the priest, making your expectations obvious the day before the event.
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