wireless lav mic the coolest hd camcorder thread. kodak zi8 on steroids ...

by:Winbridge      2019-12-20
So I have been interested in zi8 for a while.Since I saw the post of warrior Don Schenk, I sold the following post on cam, but based on what I read in the post, I was delayed, because Tang mentioned that it was only mono.So I 've been through YT & Sint Vimeo and stumbled across a guy named Juan.He has the worst zi8 rig I 've ever seen.See his video here: apparently the external microphone jack on zi8 is really stereo, not mono.In the video above, Juan connected a Sony stereo microphone.Later, in another post I read, he upgraded to a video group that was also stereo.This is the shot he shot with the same gear and riding a microphone: More pictures and details: So anyway, after finishing the installation completely last night when I stopped to get into Best, I decided to pull the trigger-Buy.Both the Zi8 and The Dynex stand are on the "Open Box purchase" with a great discount.Pick up the cam for $134 and pick up the bracket for $14.Good score.I now order the rest of the parts online and will finish the production of this bad boy.My version might include a wireless lav microphone so I can do some Kern style vids.The wireless microphone I am looking at can be seen in the video below: Sennheiser wireless G2 system Audio Technica Pro 88 w: Other notable references: I like the pan in the link above which should help to get some benefits in the car video like Kern.I think the information in this article should help most of you newbies and veterans who want to get some bitchin high quality video and audio at a low budget price.
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