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by:Winbridge      2019-09-26
The microphone is an electronic device that turns sound energy into electrical energy when sound is emitted from the speaker and becomes sound energy again.Wireless lavalier is a miniature device that can be fixed on the collar of a shirt.It is usually connected to a wireless transmitter tied to a belt or body.
The transmitter will then be connected to the wireless base station.This opens your hand and you can do anything else with your hand.It is usually used in situations where people perform presentations, backstage people, and even professional singers perform concerts.
Pay attention to some wireless lavalier purchase tips when purchasing lavalier wireless microphones.This is the most important consideration before buying a microphone.This rule also applies to other wireless systems.
Make sure the wireless system has a wide frequency range that you can switch.If you encounter some kind of signal problem or distortion, you can solve the problem by simply changing the frequency, and if you have a wide range of available frequencies, you will be able to solve your signal problem.If possible, you can purchase a wireless lavalier microphone system that automatically scans non-The frequency channel is crowded.
This will ensure that no further signal distortion or frequency-related issues occur.The next important factor to consider is if you buy wi-You have to make sure that the system is used for stage presentations, and microphones with a small frequency range ensure that the frequency is sufficient, so the sound may pass to everyone standing or sitting behind.50Hz to 60Hz is enough for the audience to hear the host's speech.
The microphone battery plays a vital role, maybe more than 2 hours if you are going to use it for a long time, especially when you show to a group of people you may not want, turn off the battery during the important demo.Another important factor to consider is the use of 7-Battery life is 10 hours instead of 2-3 hours.Although they are a bit expensive, due to poor battery or poor sound clarity, it eliminates the threat of stopping the demo between the two.
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