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by:Winbridge      2019-12-06
Like buying any technical audio or lighting equipment, choosing a PA system seems like a daunting task.
Most importantly, from the school hall to the concert venue, there are various reasons why people may call the PA system, and all --This usually means that people don't know what is best for their needs.

Pick-up device (E.G.g.

The speaker that converts the electronic signal back to the sound wave.
PA systems are best created by defining their main uses and carefully selecting and matching these three parts to meet these requirements.Components are usually paired into convenient packages, but since the PA system is needed for a variety of reasons, it is better to know your needs before choosing a system.
Some retailers offer design consulting services to help you make your choice.
This is Chris Tinning, operations director, audio and lighting retailer, pro.soundsavers.
Power supply is one of the most important considerations when choosing a PA system.The power of your system should increase in proportion to the size of your venue and audience.
The power of the PA system can be measured by the total watt generated by the amplifier and the speaker.
If you use the system for outdoor activities, it should sound much larger than the equivalent PA for indoor activities.This is because the outdoor sound reflects less, so it seems that the volume will decrease for the audience.Any site with a high ceiling will have a similar effect.
In general, buy a PA that is a little stronger than the requirement.It will sound better and more efficient than a smaller system that is trying to produce the same volume.
2.Music or speech?
If you want to play music through your PA system, it needs a different set of attributes to simply use for voice.
Music needs more power.The spectrum of music is wider than voice, so the power or wattage of your system may need to be more than doubled.
Music requires a wider range of audio systems than voice coverage.Make sure that the system of your choice is able to reproduce the sound in the high, low and medium range of the sound spectrum.
Different music requires speakers of different sizes.Generally speaking: the larger the Speaker, the wider the frequency range it can reproduce effectively.Therefore, large low speakers like the 18-inch sub are good for dance music, while the compact 10-inch housing may be ideal for acoustic music, and simple speakers are usually basic voice
With more speakers, the music sounds better.Most PA systems for music include individual tuned speakers suitable for different parts of the audio spectrum.
Better stereo music.While mono systems may not be a problem for voice, stereo music sounds better.
If you plan to use your system in different locations, portability is an important feature.
Handles, wheels and enclosures are increasingly becoming important design elements for stronger, more heavy-duty PA systems.
Also, if you need a portable system and you want to move it a few times a day or use it outside then consider a batterypowered option.As with battery-powered electronics, consider the time the system is running continuously and whether the battery capacity meets your needs.
If a portable PA system is required, this usually means that the demo also needs to be moved.In this case, the system may need to support a wireless microphone or headset, which should be considered when choosing a PA.
If your PA system will be on in the same way-Then it is impossible for you to consider expanding or changing its components.However, if you think your needs may change over time, then you may consider buying a package that can change or grow.
Buy a system that can be changed in the future now, and if your options don't meet all your needs, buying a second or third PA system will save you money.
This is also an important consideration for organizations or individuals who may need a scalable PA system, such as places of worship and schools.
The PA system can be extended in many ways.Includes added microphone, companion speaker, Speaker holder and additional cable.To do this, however, the system needs multiple input and output jacks.
Most systems will include necessities such as Speaker holders and cables, but remember to have relevant accessories if you plan to use additional speakers or inputs such as CD/MP3 players or computers.
Last but not least, the price.
As you expect, the more money you have, the more features and power you can buy.Better sound quality and lighter design equipment are also one of the benefits of a larger budget.
That is, you don't need to spend a lot of money in order to get the right system;What you can buy at this price now is incredible.
Overall, the most important thing is what features you need.It doesn't make sense to pay for additional features that you're less likely to use now, but at the same time try to select a system that you can add in the future.
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