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How is the wedding camera industry today?To find out, we talked with working wedding videographers, found industry statistics, and fleshed out what is undoubtedly a thriving business in a growing market.While some may wonder if amateurs are joining professional players because of lower levelsCost gears and easier-to-Using the software, our consensus with wedding shooters and editors is that this is not the case.We also looked at the tools that wedding videographers are using and found out how the best wedding videographers use the web to open up new business channels for their busy businesses.
To understand the size of the wedding camera market, let's first look at the statistics that reveal the huge amount of money spent on American weddings.According to the American Wedding Study by Conde Nast's bride Infobank, the average wedding cost has surged 50% over the past decade, with an average of $22,360 per wedding this year, up from $15,208 in 1994.According to Richard Mark, president of the international wedding professional association, of the $65 billion spent on weddings each year, "6% of the budget will be spent on video.Markel added, "but the use of 6% of the estimated $65 billion will be equivalent to $0.39 billion.\ "This is a broad signal.Open the market for wedding camera professionals.Markel continued, "We just had a show in Sacramento, and several of our videographers booked the business for an average fare of $2,500.

According to these data, wedding video seems to be a growing industry.Let's do some math for a while.Think of an experienced videographer who charges an average of $2500 for a wedding and shoots a wedding every week.The man made $130,000 in a year.But it will be very difficult.Work videographer-Most of the videographers we interviewed said they spent 40 hours editing each wedding video, which means shooting almost once a week-There is hardly any continuous effort to rest.
A great success story will be highEventually cameraman Chris malankolo, whose company Chris malanderco has been operating in the Chicago area for 16 years.Her business offers up to $5000 in wedding video packages and regularly signs a $3000 wedding contract.But the mother of three didn't want to work all the time, so she limited herself.\ "Other people can take four or five photos a month.But I have an average of two or three weddings a month ."
According to Luisa Winters, an awardAward-winning videographers and editors have their own wedding camera business, memorable events, and services for most wedding videographers cost less than $2000-with higher-Wedding video company charges up to $15,000$20,000."Unless they can make enough money to support their business, I don't think anyone is a real professional," Winters told digital media .".\ "Everything else comes with the business.Depending on your country, supporting a family means something different.If you are in a place that is not too expensive, then the income is enough ---"You are still very professional," Winters added .".
$2000-More than $5000, it seems that amateurs will be interested in shooting their own wedding videos, or letting friends or relatives control the home camera.But the wedding videographer's internet message board is filled with the first story --The time cameraman took the entire wedding with a camera when he paused, only to find that they started rolling after saying so much, and finally took a lot of art photos on the floor, nothing else.According to videographer/Editor Luisa winters, "amateurs are learning from the business of the wedding videographer, but this applies only to the lower levelEnd the videographer.She thinks it's lower.High-end shooters create better things for the high-end, increasing the quality gap between the two.\"More-Educated brides will pay a lot more for a video that looks professional than they would be willing to pay before this cheap device comes along.The difference between amateur wedding video and professional wedding video is huge and people are willing to pay the highest for the latter."Sometimes, the quality considerations are basic. for example, can you hear what the bride and groom are saying?\ "You know, you really have to worry about the audio part of it."It involves a lot of things," says Kris Malandruccolo ." In addition to being a successful wedding videographer, he is also the chairman of the Illinois Association of videographers.
The fair competitive environment is low by a large numberCost, high quality equipment?According to Winters, "the quality of image and editing power is no longer so important for now that you have to be a better storyteller, and you have to be a better artist...After all, we all have access to paper and pen, but we can't all write great American novels, can we?Shakespeare and Mozart had only pen and paper to use, but they gave us masterpieces beyond time.Not all are determined by the equipment.
Then there is the edit, which is a process that many newlyweds do not have the ability to deal.\ "As you know, anyone who edits the business knows it's a time-Time-consuming process, "Malandruccolo."I took a lot of home videos but none of my personal videos were edited because there was no time.So if I don't get paid then I won't edit because it's time --Consumption, especially if you don't do it all the time.I think a lot of people, especially those with money, just want to say "do it for me ".Malandruccolo added that it is not just the time factor that hinders entry, but the professional spirit needed to create a fine work."The end result is that your video is of better quality.As I highlighted to my client, this is a biography of heir.You only have one chance to get it done, but you can't get it done, so if you look at it like this, it's a pass-on heir and then they're willing to put the money in.I 've never had a client say they're sorry to have spent the money on the video."The customer won't say that," added Malandruccolo .".
In the past 20 years, wedding video photography has changed significantly, and digital video shooting and editing have brought a highly complex technology to once very basic video production.In those days, it's typical to spend about $1000 on a simple video --and-Shooting production, all the edits are in the camera.But now, with the power of digital technology, videographers are using 3-The chip DV camera and complex editing settings produce extraordinary works, many of which are true works of art.
For shooting missions, most wedding videographers use DV cameras in the alliance of Sony PD150 or VX 2000, Canon XL1 and GL2 or Panasonic 3AG-chip cameraDVX100."Most wedding videographers will use DV for acquisitions," said Winters.CCD), this is logical because the cost is low, the quality is high, and most importantly, the weight of the camera is so low now, videographers are more creative about smaller units than they were five or six years ago, when the cameras were hugeYou don't need a big professional anymore.Watch the camcorder for the wedding.In fact, many customers prefer smaller units rather than larger ones because they are less noticeable.
Another main content of the Wedding Report is the wireless microphone, which is usually attached to the groom and strategically placed elsewhere, ensuring that the most important words that many people will say will be clearly heard on the final product.
The biggest technological leap is editing, and even non-complex computers can create presentations that can only be implemented in multiple versionsMillions of dollars of editing kits 20 years ago.Apple Final Cut Pro is the most popular Mac app for editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 Lead the package on the Windows side.Other wedding videographers use Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Avid Xpress, NewTek Video Toaster, Canopus Edius, and more.Some videographers choose to be realDV acceleration card such as RTX100 of Matrox or DVStorm2 of Canopus.In the whole field of equipment decision-making, a constant is obvious ---People are firmly committed to the choices they make.Winters said, "they are loyal from the fierce debate about the advantages of the operating system or the capture card to the disadvantage of competing products.My personal opinion is not so partisan.The editing system is a tool for me, that's all ---No matter what job I use to make money, I use--I chose Premiere Pro 1 in this case.5 and Matrox RT.X100 capture card.I have both a real time card for Matrox and a normal FireWire card.
Another popular technology for wedding photography today is multi-camera production.At the lowest level, the videographer will operate a camera, while a second unmanned camera will be installed on the tripod to record the activity from different angles.At the reception, most of the time, one camera took all the photos and the other as a backup.The most complicated thing is that the multi-camera settings work in a very similar way to the configuration of the network remote production, and multiple cameras are connected to the switcher located in a separate room outside the venue.The director keeps in constant contact with three, four or more camera operators through headphones, coordinates their lenses, while switching between cameras in real time, while scrolling the tape in each camera, to get independent shots that can be added in post.
State-of-the-art technology also makes the final product delivered to the customer even better, and after all the filming and editing is done, a high quality DVD is usually handed over to the customer.Used to be extra.For wedding video customers, dvd has entered the mainstream market, especially in the past few years.Malandruccolo said, "about three years ago they were expensive when I first started offering DVDs.I added it as a supplement.on.Not everyone took it because not everyone has a DVD player.Surprisingly, how fast is this change, because now many couples are not even interested in VHS copies except Grandma.\ "It's not surprising that the dvd has taken over as far as delivery results are concerned.As the price of home DVD players drops below $50, many computers, including DVD recorders and players, become standard devices, and DVD has become a widely used delivery medium for various videographers.The biggest benefit this may have is that the end customer can see the real quality of the video, almost the same quality as the camera that took the video.This is a big difference in quality compared to VHS tapes a few years ago.\ "Many times, I used 3-Chip camera, I will have this beautiful miniDV master, but the couple walked out the door with the VHS and I put the main tape in a box in my studio."All of this quality will be wasted," said Malandruccolo .".
Every wedding videographer pays great attention to marketing, and high technology is a gospel for all participants.The biggest advantage is the network, which can bring a lot of information to anyone who has a computer.So far, the most important innovation in wedding video marketing is streaming video.Some have reported to us that customers will not consider videographers unless they can see a streaming video presentation of the Gunners work online.In the past few years, customers need to visit many videographers in person to see examples of their work, now the brideto-Be can visit 20 sites in one night to pick a videographer whose style and price match her taste and budget.Streaming video is also important after the wedding.According to Richard Mark, president of the International Association of wedding professionals, streaming videos allow customers to show their weddings to the world.\ "The ability to send an email to a website or add a streaming video is fantastic ---Now, audiences from all over the world cannot attend weddings.-Friends and family-"No matter where they are, they can watch the wedding," Markel said .".
The Internet has become so important in wedding marketing that some videographers report that 50% of their business is attracted by the Internet.The customer can see the demo video without seeing the videographer, get the price quote and negotiate the whole shooting process."Many brides have added my website," Malandrucolo said ." Because they can see the sample immediately and get satisfied immediately."Most people have broadband connections so they can see sample videos of past projects.I haven't even seen the bride, just find my website from them, click on the streaming video, call me, talk about the price, they will say, OK.Send me a contract.If you are a videographer, you will need to provide streaming video if you want to get more business.
However, the Internet is not the only way to attract business.As in the past, another important tool is to recommend this age.Old words-of-Happy customers report verbal advertising of their positive (or negative) wedding video results to others seeking the same service.Videographers of memorable events like Luisa winters believe that the network is not so much a final referral tool as a recommended reinforcement toolall."The network is great, but it's just to reinforce what they 've heard through referrals, or if they're just online," she said .".According to Winters, "so far, most customers have been recommended from brides and other suppliers ---In fact, we don't advertise at all."It's surprising that even if other wedding vendors are competing wedding videographers, she thinks they are her allies."A lot of the time, my references come from other videographers who are unable to get the job done for whatever reason ---Mainly because they are already busy.Recommendation, recommendation, recommendation--This is the way we are going!
Attending a wedding is another way for videographers to learn about their services.Brides-to-Take part in these shows, look at new trends, understand ideas, and over the years, there has been an increase in the number of videographers who have displayed goods in these events.According to Markel, "in the past 15 years, there have been videographers in my consumer bride show, but there are only one or two at most per show.But change quickly--We had 11 shows last week.\ "There is also an exhibition dedicated to wedding videographers, the biggest of which is the annual event held by the Society of Wedding and Event Videographers WEVA.
Another powerful way to attract attention to the video photography business is to advertise on bridal publications.That's why Chris malanduco, chairman of the Illinois Society of videographers, says it's a big advantage to be part of an organization where videographers can join together.\ "We found a colleague.Op Ads in wedding magazine Chicago and Wedding Guide Chicago in order to be a part of the companyOp ad, you must be a member of IVA.So we can advertise in magazines at a lower cost because we are all advertising."But even though Luisa Winters thinks advertising is important, there is more to it, she adds."He or she wins whoever has the best market," Winters asserted .".\ "And note that marketing is not just putting ads on, but building these relationships in the wedding business, which will lead to referrals ---This is the most important marketing.
All the wedding videographers interviewed were convinced that amateurs did not run their business in any important way, despite the many examples of "newbies" who made brave attempts,-Too late.-that pro-Horizontal camera is not as easy as it looks.Despite the price and simplicity of the equipmentto-Video brought with editing softwareBecoming mainstream, talent and experience, and hard work and savvy marketing are still scarce qualities, making professional wedding videographers a valuable resource for many partiesBillion-dollar wedding industry

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