wireless mic set Innovation that doesn't work

by:Winbridge      2019-12-25
wireless mic set Innovation that doesn\'t work
ESPN's Baseball broadcast on Sunday night added two items, highlighting the balance between TV and sports: how can a sport make it easier for viewers without compromising the integrity and dignity of the game?Quick View of the two innovations: 1) interview the starter pitcher in the game, but after he finishes the game ---not a problem.2) interview the manager in the game--Not a good idea.In general, you can evaluate the effectiveness of TV innovation in two ways: 1) will Innovation invade the natural process of the game?2) Does innovation provide the audience with valuable information or pictures that cannot be obtained in other ways?In the case of the pitcher interviewing him after leaving the game, the answer to the first count is "no" and the answer to the second count is the qualified "yes ".Although pitchers seem easily cliched in this caseSome pitchers were more receptive than others.On Sunday night, Sam Ryan was interviewed by giant Brett Tomko after an outing in San Diego, giving the audience some insight into the idea of Tomkoset.However, when the top of the seventh inning began, Felipe Olu, wearing headphones, was interviewed by Jon Miller and Joe Morgan, and it did not seem to be decent for a major --league manager.This seems particularly jarring (affecting the natural course of the game), and when a manager tries to get his job done in a bomb shelter, how focused and revealing his answer will beInformation count )?ESPN senior coordinator producer Tim skanlan said the manager's interview should take place in the sixth or seventh innings before the manager's team came to bat.When Edgardo Alfonzo was single on Sunday night, Alou talked about the timing, which made the interview look more inappropriate.Scanlan said that Miller and Morgan's respect for the whole baseball game made managers more inclined to be interviewed with the aim of consisting of two baseballRelated issues"I think Felipe did a great job," Scanlan said .".He is a pioneer."While Major League Baseball encourages teams to work with their TV partners, managers are not obligated to be interviewed.For example, A's match in Anaheim on Sunday night, Ken Macha of A and Mike scioccia of the angel said they wouldn't be in-Game interview.Contrast headphones-on-The manager interviewed on-site innovations such as "CatcherCam" and asked the instructor to wear a wireless microphone, where the production staff can play selected recordings from the wireless microphone."CatcherCam" is not notable and gives the audience a unique angle of movement.The wireless microphone is almost invisible, partly because some recorded conversations give the air a real sense of tension and a sense of humorHeadphone problemOn-site interviews cannot match.David Hill, chairman of Fox Sports, said baseball is becoming "more in line with our expectations for other sports "."On TV, Fox may also use the type of interview that ESPN started on Sunday night.In any case, those of us who respect the goals of TV executives, but who are more respectful of the dignity of baseball, may be leaning towards headphones.Hill said: "I see that the walls will collapse greatly in the next few years."FSN Plus review class: Giants and A made their debut this week on Fox Sports Net Plus.There are A few things to know about FSN's debut on the "overflow" channel in January: Ted Griggs, vice president of FSN, estimates that the giant will have 15 fsn TV broadcasts this season,.Griggs said that on Tuesday, the FSN received a call from 10 viewers who could not find a winemaker --The Giants broadcast on the FSN.About 95% of the Bay Area has access to the FSN, Griggs said.The six most likely North California Comcast cable channels for the FSN are 77, 78, 33, 27, 28 and 79.FSN is also available on DirecTV, Dish Networks and some non-Comcast cable system.If you have any questions, please contact your cable or satellite operator.
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