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by:Winbridge      2019-11-01
Since the iPod went public, technology companies have developed various accessories for it.Some companies have traditionally produced cable speakers and headphones for the iPod and are currently entering the wireless market.The IPod seems to have triggered some kind of trend in the consumer electronics industry, as many companies on the market are rushing to make accessories for this small device, allowing you to carry music with you wherever you go.
As an iPod accessory for consumer electronics companies, speakers and headphones are one of the first to choose from.The next step is wireless speakers and headphones to allow more freedom of movement.We will try to discuss the pros and cons of iPod wireless peripherals, as well as the models used by each wireless component.
Logitech began marketing a wireless headset in 2005 to work with any model of iPod with dock connectors on its base.This feature is a standard feature for all new models and can also be used on older models.The headset uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the iPod via an adapter that transmits the signal.
They are equipped with rechargeable batteries that can play up to 8 hours of music per charge.The wireless headset is very light and weighs only 3 lbs.2 ounces, adapter weight less than 1 ounce.
The iPod Controller is provided on one of the headphones, so there is no need to return to the iPod to adjust the volume or move the playlist.The IPod can be placed on the counter or on the table, and the headset can receive signals up to 30 feet m away.Logitech also offers wireless music receivers and transmitters that turn your current stereo into a receiver and speaker for your iPod.
It has its own rechargeable battery so it won't run out of your iPod.The receiver unit simply plugs the stereo system and transmitter into the iPod.The system works with any iPod or MP3 player of standard 3.
5mm headphone output.
The benefit of this system is that you can use it to make your existing speakers wireless without having to buy additional devices.It is easy to insert and use, so you can easily move to other rooms in the house.The only downside is 30-Foot distance limit between receiver and transmitter.
Macally has designed a Bluetooth-based Blue-wave iPod headset to connect to the iPod via a transmitter plugged into the iPod headphone port.A problem with the blue wave system is that the transmitter does not use the connector of the iPod to power, but instead uses two non-Rechargeable AAA battery.Another problem is the plastic gap where the headphone jack is located, which prevents the transmitter from shaking on the top of the iPod, and if you have an iPod shuffle or first, you need to remove it or a second-generation iPod.
The range of the signal should be around 30 feet, but depending on the environment you are in, it will change a lot, especially when the door or wall blocks your way.Depending on the volume and other factors, the headset can provide up to 8 hours of interrupted music.They also have two non-Rechargeable AAA battery.
With the blue wave system, you can also wirelessly transfer music in your iPod by connecting your headset to your home speaker system, which comes with RCA jumpers that fit the line-Jack in headphonesOregon science released a very interesting wireless speaker system in 2005, designed for iPod iBall.The speaker is shaped like a bowling ball, which is connected through 2 to the transmitter dock that holds the iPod.4 Ghz wireless technology with adaptive frequency hopping extended spectrum.
The signal range should be up to 100 feet, and the rechargeable battery can provide up to 8 hours of music for one charge.It is compatible with iPod, iPod photo, iPod nanos and iPod minis.IBall has a built-inOn the remote control of the iPod, you can use it even if the iPod is not in the room.
The speaker has a circular LCD display that you can use to change the volume and skip the track for time, wireless signal strength, battery power, play/pause status.Wi-From Wi-Gear is a wireless headset made specifically for the iPod, but has a twist.They connect wirelessly to your iPod and Bluetooth-enabled phones using Bluetooth technology, so you can use them as a wireless headset for your phone.
When you get a call, iMuffs pause the music on the iPod, ring in the headphones and allow you to speak in the integrated microphone.The IMuffs system has a small receiver that hangs on the top of the iPod and comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of interrupted music.Like Bluetooth, the iMuffs headset can receive signals within the 30 feet signal range.
They are also equipped with iPod controls on each headset for pause, volume, skip and search.In the future, as the signal range increases, the iPod wireless headset and speaker market will occupy a larger share of the entire iPod accessories market, and the audio output quality will become better, the battery used by the manufacturer for power supply will allow more playback time
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